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Press Regulation, Cameron calls their Bluff and Wins, maybe!

So we have agreement on press regulation and thanks to David Cameron calling the bluff of Clegg and Miliband we still have a free press which is essential to our democracy, as Boris Johnson put it “a gutter press can keep the gutters of public life clean” and I hope the press, subject to scrutiny and debate, will be able to support it 100%.

I am not interested in protecting politicians, J. K. Rowling  or the spoilt brats like Hugh Grant, they can take care of themselves, being in public life does mean a part of your life becomes public but this gives the average person a means of redress and provides press regulation through a powerful independent regulator!


press regulation
Clegg, Miliband and Prime Minister David Cameron

Lets get this straight, as it was announced, this is not control of the press in law, it is not legislation to control the press, whatever Clegg and Miliband say, it is press regulation through an independent but powerful press regulator, independent of politicians and the press, or so it seems, this must be debated fully in parliament because if this does not turn out as it seems we will have done out country a major disservice!

Again as I said earlier, this should not about protecting the Rowling’s, Grant’s, famous footballers or any part of the press, this has to be about protection of our free press which the Rowling’s and the Grant’s dislike and giving ordinary people an easy route to redress. if Cameron has done his job this Royal Charter will guarantee press freedom, free from political meddling but if he has failed and the meddling has already taken place we will only have one chance to stop it!

The devil, as they say is in the detail which is still to be released, remember Clegg and Miliband, who would likely have won a Commons vote, are not interested in freedom of the press except within very tight control and every misdemeanour by the press, which led to the Leveson enquiry, was covered by current law and many people have been arrested, are on trial and the guilty one’s in prison.

Whatever the end result we must guarantee the freedom of the press to bring powerful people and politicians to account, no matter how uncomfortable that may be, the Lib Dem’s and Nick Clegg were apparently very upset about the press coverage of the Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard sex claims and it is muted as a driving force to get press regulation enshrined in law, there was nothing wrong with the press coverage of Lord Rennard, there was nothing wrong with the press coverage of Lord Rennard, they were spot on.

We will see where this ends up, it looks like the perfect solution but as said earlier, the devil is in the detail but whatever we end up with it will not stop the abuses that led to the Leveson enquiry, people will always break the law and if they do they will be punished under existing law, it should though give society heavier punishment’s to impose on the press organisations and a simple retribution route for ordinary people.

Finally it is the responsibility of both politicians and the press organisations to ensure that this Royal Charter does not infringe on the freedom of the press, have your say, are we just too precious these days, do you agree with this article and if you don’t say so below, have your say today!

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