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The Politics of Fact not Fiction!

This whole AV vote is getting boring, it’s just a shame that for democratic politics in this country a NO VOTE to AV is so important!

I intended leaving the NO to AV campaign alone for a few weeks but I just had to follow-up on 2 recent Tweets from Cleggstapo which needed the extra space of a blog, why not join in the debate by commenting below, if there is a demand I can quickly set up a forum!

1) Cleggstapo says: @dalewood Tories & Labour to blame for expenses scandal, illegal war & economic collapse – it’s not rocket science that tribalism failed

2) Cleggstapo says: @dalewood Both the Tories and Labour were desperate to sign agreements with us rather than each other, says a lot about their ideologies

So if we first look at no. 1, using bullet points to simplify things

  1. Tories & Labour to blame for expenses scandal.
    How can the Tories be responsible for the expenses scandal, they hadn’t been in government since 1997, in reality the scale of the money involved in the expenses scandal was due to the way Labour had increased the allowances but all parties were involved and a small % in each party went over the top.
  2. The, possibly, illegal war in Iraq.
    On the evidence Tony Blair presented to Parliament it was not illegal and on balance we were right to take part in the operation, on the evidence which has since come to light the Conservatives would not have supported Tony Blair and Tony Blair may well have to answer for his handling of the truth!
  3. Responsibility for our economic collapse
    It is correct to say that the Labour party normally leaves office with the country virtually bankrupt, they did it in 1979 and obviously in 2010, the Lib Dem party which is to the left of the Labour party also follows a doctrine which would lead us to the same place, quite apart from selling our souls to Europe which would be against the wishes of the British people, if the Lib Dem’s had their way we would have been in the Euro with no way out and for the Uk you would be reading Ireland!As they did in the early 80’s the Conservatives are sorting out the mess although a little hamstrung by the lead weight of the Lib Dem’s, we must not forget that when the Conservative party left office in 1997 they left behind
    a) A golden economy lauded by the IMF and the World Bank.
    b) A fully funded pension system, actually in surplus, which was the envy of Europe if not the world.
    c) We were the worlds 3rd largest overseas investor after the US and Japan.
    d) We had strong and proper regulation of the Banking system
    e) Unemployment was falling fast after the 90s recession, largely due to monetary policies toward Europe, we should never have got involved.
    f) Debt was being repaid as never before
    g) etc.etc.It only took days for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to start milking the golden cow, it can’t be stressed strongly enough that if Lib Dem policies were ever to be allowed to rip whilst in government they would lead to exactly the same place as the Labour policies always lead!

Looking at no 2 and the assertion that both the Conservative and Labour party were desperate to do a deal with the Lib Dem’s

If I was looking at this from a Conservative party point of view, the Conservative party would have been better to let the Lib Dem’s go with Labour and we would now be looking at another general election which the Conservatives would romp, the numbers were just not there to hold a coalition together.

It is true though to say that David Cameron was desperate to do a deal with the Lib Dem’s because he appreciated the desperate state of the country and the urgent action which was required immediately, David Cameron put country before party in a big way and in the haste to get started gave far too much away to the Lib Dem’s, in fact the biggest break on our recovery is having the Lib Dem’s involved but we have to for the country’s sake.

Everyone should remember that if the Lib Dem’s had been an influence in government over the past 25 years we would be deep into Europe, the Euro and a basket case like Ireland and everyone has seen since the election that coalitions are inefficient, undemocratic, unaccountable and simply do not work!

Please make sure you all VOTE NO to AV or any form of Proportional Representation.

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