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Politics of Welfare – Cameron bravely opens the essential debate!

Politics and the left-wing press, they are up in arms declaring the nasty party is back and what are they up in arms about, well, David Cameron dared to question the benefits culture which, without question, exists in our society.

Of course the section of the press that promotes left-wing politics loves to plaster the Conservative Party with the nasty party image when in fact it is entirely false and right-wing politics is by far the more compassionate and caring!

The politics of the left and the right have always been miss-understood with the right being far less inclined to sling mud but they have been left behind because if you tell the public something often enough they tend to believe it, even though it may be entirely false!

This was the case with race during the last Labour government, they painted anyone who wanted to talk about or debate race relations and immigration as racist and bigoted which was and is nonsense, the left-wing press though latched on to this and this caused all Conservative politicians to be nervous about discussing race in case they were branded as a racist or a bigot.

This of course suited the Labour Party because within politics it continued to brand the Conservatives as the nasty party and hid the Labour agenda to alter the very face of the UK with uncontrolled immigration and to a large degree they succeeded.

Iain Duncan Smith

Even the Labour Party have now come clean and admitted they were wrong and it is not racist to question, discuss or debate race and immigration, just as it is not nasty to question, discuss or debate the availability of universal benefits, it is actually essential for the long-term future of our country.

I was listening to Ian Duncan Smith being interviewed by Evan Davis about the content of David Cameron’s speech and it was so aggressive with Evan Davis just talking over Ian Duncan Smith all through the interview, Ian Duncan Smith gave an excellent account of himself, as he always does but it was just an obvious attempt by Evan Davies to carry out a left-wing hatchet job.

So what exactly was David Cameron suggestion, first of all the speech was intended to start the debate and covered the general availability of benefits, limiting the period a claimant could claim benefits and restricting child benefit to the first 3 children which I was campaigning for back in the 70s and it will seem fair to the majority of right thinking people.

The benefits bill in this country is enormous with fraud a significant feature, it is essential we have this debate because the current system is complicated, unsustainable and unfair both to its claimants and the tax paying public, it is not nasty, it is being mature as a nation and it should start now because politics is about people, democracy and fairness, don’t let the left-wing politicians, press and unions hijack the debate because they will be hijacking your future!

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