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Politics, vendetta and revenge, is Murdoch a Fit and Proper person?

Politics, vendetta or revenge, which is it and is Rupert Murdoch a fit and proper person to run a global company, is the hype against Rupert Murdoch justified or is it just the REVENGE of the FAILED!

The politics of vengeance, a committee of MP’s has decided, by a split decision, to make the most damning criticism of Rupert Murdoch possible and way beyond their brief and stating that Rupert Murdoch is not a fit and proper person to run a global company but is this one of the biggest acts of vengeance ever within UK politics?Most of the MP’s who make up our politics have no experience of management at a senior level, particularly in the Labour Party because their background is normally skilled or Union based, so exactly what qualifies them to reach such a damning verdict which they were not asked to do?

It should be noted that the committee did split, it was not unanimous, the slight majority delivering the verdict were led by the Labour committee members, in fact it split on party lines but why when Parliament is united on clearing up the sleaze within our Newspaper industries and the answer is vengeance, the Labour Party will never forgive Rupert Murdoch for not supporting them at the last general election and they are taking their revenge! Further reading

I never understood why Rupert Murdoch supported the Labour Party because they stand for everything he must hate but it can only be put down to influence, prior to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown there was no such closeness between political leaders and the press, Murdoch himself admitted that he never met John Major and although he met Margaret Thatcher many times he neither expected or got anything.

It was Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who brought this closeness with the press into British politics, politicians supreme at winning elections but a complete failures with regards to policy nearly bankrupting our country and destroying our valued institutions.

The Labour Party are naturally the party of envy, greed, jealousy, spite, haters of success unless it is their own, the party of vengeance and truly the nasty party, you have only to look at the smirk on Ed Balls face to appreciate this so for Rupert Murdoch to betray them has meant the full force of their vengeance is aimed at Murdoch and it must be remembered that if ever a party in UK politics was close to Newscorp it was Labour, they created the environment and lived in fear of rejection including the current crop of Labour Party leaders and their inevitable rejection hurt.

It is obvious that Newscorp have been very bad boys and deserve telling punishment but what Newscorp were up to was endemic throughout the newspaper industry, they may have been more aggressive but they were inevitably in company but before we condemn we should remember a few things, which are fact:

  1. Newscorp employ thousands of people in the UK
  2. Rupert Murdoch has supported a large section of the British Press for a very long time, The Times & Sunday Times which are part of British History were losing
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