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Politics and Twitter, a lot of RUBBISH about AV!

There are a lot of tweets going around which are simply talking rubbish about the politics of AV/PR and its effect!

Let us get the facts straight

  1. AV will help the smaller parties, in particular the 3rd largest party and could help parties such as the BNP gain a small foothold in British politics.
  2. Whilst it is true that the 2nd preference votes of the BNP would likely go to the 2 main parties taking them away from the BNP, a large number of the main parties 2nd preference votes could go to the BNP.
  3. The Lib Dem’s are pushing for AV/PR for one reason, as they see themselves as the rightful 3rd party, it guarantees them power just switching between Labour and Conservative whichever has the largest number of seats. It really is the Liberal lust for power and at the same time carrying on as they always have done in politics, making promises they will never have to keep because that is the nature of a coalition government.
  4. But will it work out that way for the Lib Dem’s, in the disastrous event of this country adopting AV lets look at where the 2nd preference votes may goConservatives 2nd preference votes
    In the main to UKIP because of Europe
    Labour 2nd preference votes
    Again, in the main to UKIP, because of Europe
    Lib Dem’s 2nd preference votes
    Mainly to the Labour PartyThis could very well be a nasty surprise to the Lib Dem’s because UKIP could replace them as the 3rd force in British politics!
  5. The main reason we must as a nation VOTE NO TO AV/PR is because a coalition government is undemocratic and unaccountable and where it is accountable it is destabilising, when the boundaries are equalised the First Past the Post voting system will be the fairest in the world but no system is perfect which is why, just once in a while we end up with what we have now!


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