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Politics, Coalition and the mid-term fortunes of David Cameron or not!

Politics, the local elections and the mid-term fortunes, or not, of the individual parties and of course the coalition, the Conservatives have gone into free fall losing, so far 300 seats and Labour are CockaHoop but the turnout was only 30%!

The politics of Mid-Term Blues, apathy, has Cameron got it wrong, is the Tory led coalition really hitting the Right buttons, does it even know where those buttons are, what does Cameron need to do, is Cameron to blame?

I was listening to the David Dimbleby election coverage last night, they had Jeremy Browne MP a Lib Dem foreign Office Minister on the panel and he stated that if the Conservative Party moved to the Right away from the middle ground they would be in a place they did not want to be but what does he mean and is he correct? Further reading

Left and Right in politics is actually different dependant on the party but the Lib Dem politics are actually very to the left of the Labour Party and Jeremy Browne has shifted the Centre towards the left, Labour are fairly Left of Centre and the Conservative Party is trying to straddle the whole range but and this is the crucial but, the country is most definitely Right of Centre, so Mr Cameron if you are representing and governing on behalf of the country how do you then win elections, simple, by just representing the majority of the electorate which is Right of Centre!

I have campaigned in rock solid Labour seats and going out talking to the electorate in the most diehard Labour areas I can tell you their politics are well to the right of centre and in voting for the Labour they are actually voting against their beliefs but voting Labour, whilst against what they believe in, is in bread and fueled by the Unions but a significant number of votes could be enticed away by the right policies and currently it is UKIP who will be getting those votes as well as a significant number of Conservative votes!


The policies and politics of UKIP are largely similar to the policies endorsed by Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative governments and UKIP are the only party which actually represents the true position of UK politics, UKIP gained 14% of the vote last night, if they gained that at a general election it would make it impossible for the Conservative Party to get a majority, in fact just 6% could do enormous damage to any potential Conservative majority.

This really has to be a watershed for David Cameron and his politics because unless he wakes up he WILL lose the next election but the problem is that David Cameron doesn’t appear to believe in anything, he has no clear position and just gets the best compromise, he is not a leader but a compromiser probably more comfortable working with the Lib Dem’s than his own party!

It is quite clear that his inability to espouse true Conservative politics convincingly during tha last General Election was the reason the Conservatives failed to get a majority and it is also evident that every time Cameron has been forced back towards true Conservative politics, voting reform and his stand against the new EU treaty, his poll ratings have shot through the roof, now it doesn’t take much of a brain to work out what he has to do but Cameron seems blind to this and his utterances show a worrying sign that he would be more than happy to serve in another coalition where the politics are of a virtual and chaotic type divorced from reality.

Coalitions can be dressed up as a super democratic form of politics and government, as with Proportional Representation (PR), but all coalitions are generally an anti-democracy mess representing not the views of the electorate but the result of deals done after the election behind closed doors, they generally only happen within a PR system, but occasionally, as with the last general election it happens within a First Past the Post voting system but we must not prolong the agony for our country past the next election!

Cameron to date has been near disaster and if he continues on this current path he will destroy the Conservative Party in a way that Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe and the other europhiles nearly did and will significantly damage democracy in this country.

So David Cameron, the verdict on your politics, your policies, your leadership of the Conservative Party and the first half of the coalition is needs to improve, could do better and needs to listen to his grass root supporters who, by the way are deserting in droves to UKIP.

It remains to be seen whether David Cameron can turn this thing around, I want him to prove me wrong because the other recipes on offer, Labour or Labour/Lib Dem, promise disaster and a further erosion of our democracy so com on David Cameron you owe it to your country to step up to the plate, just be a true Conservative Prime Minister, lets not lose the next election because we were not true, you are our one chance!

This is a contentious issue, let us have your views, comment below because agree or not YOUR VIEWS COUNT.

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