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Politics and the Miracle of Parliament Square – George Osborne!

Yes, within all the politics of the Autumn Statement presented by George Osborne there was a miracle that happened in Parliament that day but of course the press and left leaning media are not looking for miracles, they don’t sell newspapers and the last thing the BBC wants is a successful Conservative government!

You have to look for miracles, especially in politics, not only on the day but over time and as difficult as our financial position is, it is a miracle we are in such good shape, the nightmare of the Labour Party is that Cameron and Osborne are able to sell their vision to the public.

The media and politics, right and left, have been criticising George Osborne about the state of the economy, as outlined in his autumn statement but in reality it is actually a miracle that we are as well off as we are and George Osborne deserves the credit for that!

George Osborne, in full flight!

Back in 2010 when Osborne the politics were different and no one, anywhere in the world of whatever political persuasion, forecast what has happened to the world economies including our biggest export market, in fact every one of our export markets world-wide has been or is being hit badly by the financial crisis.

It you add in one of the biggest restraints on our economic recovery, the Lib Dem’s and yes, what George Osborne and his team are doing is a miracle and this country full deserves it’s ‘AAA’ rating, there is no reason for it to be taken away because, as a country we have the politics in place to take action where required, even in spite of the Lib Dem’s, lets just call this ‘The Miracle of Parliament Square’.

Lets just call this ‘The Miracle of Parliament Square’, miracles do happen!

Of course Osborne could do more on general taxation, national insurance holidays, a major reduction in stamp duty, reductions in fuel duty, delaying a lot of the green projects which will achieve nothing but while we have the Lib Dem’s in coalition essential things like these will have to wait but so far Osborne actually deserves a lot of credit and we are seeing more and more signs of the Lib Dem’s being ignored, they are a minority party and in UK politics their time has passed.

Now we have to make sure David Cameron recognises the politics, understands the public will and does not throw away the chance of a majority at the next general election in 2015, which is essential for the survival of this country short and long term, one issue he must address is the European Union which is now irrevelent to the UK, UK politics and the British people.


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