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Politics, the Olympic Opening Ceremony, was it about Politics?

Politics comes into everything but was the Olympic Ceremony to political or was it just very politically correct (PC), whatever your opinion it has to be said it was magnificent, an equal to any Olympic Ceremony past and one for future Olympics to aspire to, it was Britain at its best doing what it does better than anyone.

I was glad we did not try to copy Beijing in style which was unique and brilliant in its very own way but not the British way, like Beijing we did it our way and put on a show that stopped the world.

So was it too much about politics, was it too PC, I think it was definitely too PC but about politics, I don’t think so and as I said above does it really matter because the ceremony was out of this world, funny, informative, entertaining and brilliant!

Politics, I don’t think so, politically correct, sadly yes but who cares and does it really matter because the ceremony was out of this world, funny, informative, entertaining and brilliant!

Yes we must stop being defensive about our past, we should have had Queen Victoria in tha pageant, Winston Churchill however could we leave the greatest ever Englishman out and where was our empire, someone told me they were worried about upsetting people but we have nothing to be other than proud about and leaving these vital parts of our history out showed the lack of confidence our leaders have, we must learn to be very proud of our history, even the slave trade because that will give us the confidence to move this country forward again. 

But that said, we can argue about the content all night, we have put on an opening ceremony of real class, it will not be bettered and we can be proud having organised a stupendous Olympic games, forget about politics, this is sport!

Must not forget a real thank you to Lord Coe and his team for putting this masterpiece together, it is something that will live in all our memories and congratulations to Team GB who are doing us proud.

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