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Politics of Coalition, the politics of Cameron and Osborne!

The politics and aftermath of last Thursday’s local elections have left some difficult questions for both Cameron and Osborn to answer but do they recognise the questions and are they brave enough to follow through on the answers?

The above makes politics so simple but it is an interesting point because if they can’t recognise the question and don’t follow through on the answers then they will lose the next election, recognise the questions and follow through on the answers and they will win the next general election!


Clegg, Osborne and Cameron

The question is obviously ‘do you intend to follow through with your election pledges and real Conservative policies? and the correct answer to win the next general election is YES! but will David Cameron and George Osborne even allow themselves to recognise the question even though the pain of last Thursday was entirely self inflicted and has very little to do with the austerity program.

Unless Cameron and Osborne recognise the question and follow through with the yes answer they will have been elected to govern this country under false pretences, now I know people will say that in a coalition policies are decided after the election because it is an intrinsic undemocratic form of government but in this case the Lib Dem’s had no where to go! Further reading

After the 2010 general election, whatever the politics, the only viable government was a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition, the Tories had by far the biggest number of seats with the Lib Dem’s getting only 15% of the seats, the Lib Dem’s could have joined the Labour Party in a minority government but that would only have lasted a year and another general election would inevitably have returned a majority Conservative government.

David Cameron did not have to cave in to the Lib Dem’s on everything, in fact very little, it would have been seen as fair for the LIb Dem’s to have had 20% of the Cabinet positions, 20% of their manifesto implemented etc. but no the Lib Dem’s have had 70% of their manifest implemented and seem to have a total hold on policy!

The major headlines in the Conservative manifesto have either been watered down or dropped, see below and the government are wasting time on pointless policies like House of Lords reform, if you add to this David Camerons obvious poor judgement of people and the general poor presentation of policies then the current malaise around Conservative politics is the result.






  1. Human Rights
    Hijacked by the Lib Dem’s, being watered down to be unrecognisable
  2. Europe
    Again, we are sleepwalking into a European Union Super State which non of the public wants and will irrevocably damage our democracy, leaving would save in excess of
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