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Politics of AV, just keeps biting back!

So, Nick Clegg has accused David Cameron of defending the indefensible in politics by supporting AV, he has accused

So, Nick Clegg has accused David Cameron of defending the indefensible in politics by supporting AV, he has accused Cameron of defending “this nice little racket” which allows them to “waft into power without a true majority”

I said I was going to leave AV alone for a while but falsehoods of the YES Campaign must be followed up, it is a fact that no voting system is perfect and yes you can get a strong majority through FPTP with less than 50% of the vote, you will though have many more votes than any other party.

If we take AV or, as the Libs hope AV leads to PR, a PR system the 3rd party will be in power with about 25% or less, in a PR system similar to Europe it would be near impossible to remove the 3rd party from power and of course the Libs assume they will retain that 3rd position, which they could on as little as 10% of the vote. We have all seen how unwieldy a coalition is, many of the Conservative Policies which are essential to the recovery of this country and have the support of the public have been abandoned on the alter of Coalition politics.

AV and in particular any form of PR will make coalitions the norm, the manifesto will be obsolete because no party can promise anything until it is agreed after the election, manifestos will be just a list of aspirations which may or may not happen!

Quite a few of the Twitter YES campaign debaters have stated that no government ever fulfills its manifesto, this is rubbish, apart from changing circumstance in the main British governments generally fulfill manifestos, the House of Lords even had an understanding with the Commons that it would not oppose any bill which was in a parties manifesto because the public had voted for it.

Within a coalition the program is decided after the election when it is too late.

It is the Libs who are pushing for this and is it any wonder, they have no connection with the British people accept at local level where they will have different policies for different areas to suit which electorate they are trying to attract, power before principle:

  1. Their thinking and policies are to the left of the Labour party and not remotely in tune with the British public, Vince Cable’s recent attack on David Cameron for his speech on Immigration was a case in point, the speech had 93% support of the British people.
  2. They are a party in the old Labour tradition but with smiley face, taxing success to the hilt, green taxes which will achieve nothing and the politics of envy
  3. They are wedded to the EU, their leader Clegg used to work there, and determined to push us ever deeper into this quagmire of corruption, the Libs said before the election that they would offer an ‘in or out’ referendum on Europe but of course like all their policies they thought they would never be close enough to power to be forced to implement it, an in or out referendum would probably see a 3:1 vote in favour of withdrawal

It is no wonder the Libs are desperate to screeching point to get AV, which they see as a stepping stone to full PR, they would get permanent power with little responsibility and in effect turn the UK into a left-wing region of the EU.

As I stated, no voting system is perfect but with the proposed boundary changes FPTP will deliver strong government which matches the mood of the country and ensure a government can be kicked out!

VOTE for AV is a vote for ‘jobs for the boys’

VOTE for FPTP is a vote for strong government, government by the UK for the UK and democracy

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