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Politics – Who do the Lib Dem’s think they are!

Politics in this country is just not suited to the undemocratic politics that the Lib Dem’s crave for through Proportional Representation and Coalition government.

Politics in the UK is based on true democracy, if you get the most seats and an overall majority you are in and expected to get on governing the country in line with you manifesto, our system of First Past the Post only very rarely produces a coalition, which is good because coalitions are undemocratic!

Cameron did not call Nick Clegg to ask his permission to carry that strategy out, why should he, it was already agreed


Like the rest of you I am sick of listening to Nick Clegg and his band of no hopers and ancients moaning about David Cameron’s veto of the European Union treaty, it is a fact that Nick Clegg was well aware of David Cameron’s negotiating stance before Cameron left for the European Union meeting but of course Cameron did not call Nick Clegg to ask his permission to carry that strategy out, why should he, it was already agreed. Further reading

To understand where the Lib Dem’s are coming from you have to understand their thinking, the Lib Dem’s cannot grasp that they are a very small party whose mandate in seats at the last election came to 15% but they long for European style politics where everyone is elected by proportional representation, coalitions are the standard and the minority parties get near permanent power whatever the complexion of the government. In our way of thinking, 15% of the seats equates to 15% of their manifesto implemented but for some reason David Cameron gave the Lib Dem’s a full equal partnership and he is now paying for it.

So why are the Lib Dem’s not a big party, simply they do not have one policy which has popular support, as detailed below:

  1. Full European Union integration
    A minimum of 62% against
  2. Unfettered immigration
    Probably 80% against
  3. Continuous increases in the foreign Aid budget
    At least 70% against
  4. Membership of the Euro-Zone
    80% against
  5. The obsession with global warming and windmills
    No one can afford given the dodgy and unproven science
  6. High taxation including additional taxes on larger homes and second homes

The list can just go on, it doesn’t take many brain cells to appreciate that if you have policies which no one wants to vote for then you will not be a major player but the Lib Dem’s are not interested in whether you agree with their policies or not because they do not agree with true democracy. The Lib Dem’s hanker for the European Union style of politics which essentially guarantees permanent power to the smaller parties and government is in spite of the people not for the people, remember Ireland, they voted against the Lisbon treaty but were made to keep on voting until they came up with the right answer, politics without accountability is the Lib Dem way!

Politics within the European Union is becoming very undemocratic and is virtually a German dictatorship so be careful what you vote for if you ever vote Lib Dem, unless you agree with the above list of policies DO NOT VOTE LIB DEM!


A new poll in The Times indicates most people support David Cameron’s stance, a poll of a 1,000 people showed 57% agreed Cameron was right to exercise Britain’s veto but 57% thought it would weaken our influence within the European Union which is obvious but only in the area’s which we are not interested in such as the Euro-Zone!

These numbers are very good for David Cameron coming from a left-wing paper like the times!

Danny Alexander has stated that the use of the veto is no threat to the coalition but that arrogant, self-serving and pompous individual Nick Clegg has said he will not allow the UK to leave the European Union, now several points, Nick Clegg is an irreverence in UK politics exercising power way beyond his mandate through the undemocratic power of a coalition and is in no position to allow or not allow anything of this nature and the very fact that Nick Clegg has said it means it is a distinct possibility which is the very thing we need to set our country free to explore prosperity!

Nick Clegg and his cohorts are scaremongering saying we will be out of the single market and suffer loss of jobs and business which is rubbish, we are still very much part of the single market and all area’s of the European Union other than the Euro-Zone and the UK is one of the major players in the single market, we buy far more than we sell to it so the European Union cannot afford for the UK not to be involved, it would be suicide, in or out of the European Union we will always continue to be a major player in the single market.

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