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Politics of Lords Reform is over, just the Politics remains!

In politics you rarely see someone grow a pair but David Cameron has and Lords Reform has hit the buffers, of course Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem’s are throwing their toys out of the pram but for the sake of democracy it had to happen!

Yes Lords Reform was in all the party manifesto’s and within the politics arena it is agreed by all that the Lords is ready for reform but the proposals put forward by Nick Clegg were an amateurish dogs dinner which would have damaged democracy in this country.

Politics will be duller without the House of Lords Reform bill but democracy will be safer because the proposals put forward by Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem’s were an exercise in self-interest and power grab by the Lib Dem’s, and in reality the Labour Party but they are probably not intelligent enough to appreciate it!

As I have stated previously, the Lib Dem’s only really wanted 2 bits of legislation, AV/PR and Lords Reform via Proportional Representation (PR), the electorate roundly voted AV/PR down by a huge margin but Nick Clegg, putting 2 fingers up to the electorate, tried to sneak it into the House of Lords.

As with AV/PR, if the Lib Dem’s had got Lords Reform through with PR it would virtually have guaranteed Lib Dem power in the Lords, probably with a Labour/Lib Dem coalition which would have been immovable even before you add in the 15 year term!

That would have meant the House of Lords would have been permanently under left-wing domination challenging every measure a properly elected Conservative government tried to push through, even if the Conservatives did have a good result to the Lords elections PR guarantees a coalition so they would have to work and barter with the Lib Dem’s which is a party without any real policies with electoral appeal.

Of course Nick Clegg is now saying that the Conservative Party have broken the coalition agreement which is rubbish, the Conservative Party is the only party which has been upholding and promoting the coalition, despite the fact that the Lib Dem’s have had 65%+ of their manifesto implemented, far more than should have been allowed and far more than their electoral mandate dictated, the Lib Dem’s have constantly attacked the coalition from within and without the government and at all their previous party conferences, the Conservative Party has always been careful not to attack the Lib Dem’s.

All is fair in politics and war but the Lib Dem’s have gone a long way to destroying several of the Conservative flagship policies within the coalition, NHS Reform was much weakened by the Lib Dem’s and nearly scuppered and this was after Nick Clegg had signed up to it and it had been voted through with 100% support but after the electorate rejected AV/PR the Lib Dem’s went into a paddy, you see they can’t cope with not getting their own way!

The Lib Dem’s now say they are going to vote against the proposed Parliamentary Boundary Changes, which were not connected to Lords Reform, to get their own back but the equalization of constituency boundaries is essential for democracy, then the Lib Dem’s are not interested in democracy, just power.

Yes the boundary changes will help the Conservative Party at the next general election but they are not being changed for that reason, during the 13 years of Labour government the Labour Party deliberately allowed the constituency sizes to change in a way that meant to elect a Conservative government required a swing to the Conservatives of 8% greater than for a Labour government which was plainly anti-democratic. The proposal to equalise the size of all constituencies is plainly more democratic, confirms the ‘First Past the Post’ system as the most democratic voting system and the fact that it reduces MP numbers by 50 also cuts the cost of parliament.

Politics can be very destructive and the Lib Dem’s will be an ever-increasing destructive force for the remaining years of the coalition because they now have a whole new game plan, a hung parliament. a Labour/Lib Dem coalition and a promise from Labour of full PR in both the House of Commons and the Lords without a referendum, with this democracy in this country will essentially end and with Union support we will be sucked further and further into the European Union.

The only people who can stop this are the electorate but it will be helped if David Cameron now grows a backbone to match his new pair and starts to govern this country in the way he was elected to do and becomes a true, Right of Centre Conservative Prime Minister because for the country’s sake he has to win the next election out right!

Politics can be destructive but it is also at the very heart of democracy and democracy is really under attack, it is too precious to let go and for Mr Clegg, he only has himself to blame for the loss of Lords Reform because he presented a bad piece of legislation in an amateurish student union way but then that is Lib Dem politics for you!

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