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Politics, Lords Reform, looks like Cameron has grown a pair!

Politics has its gossips and the rumour mill says that David Cameron is about to drop House of Lords Reform which has to happen because the way the Lib Dem’s want to do it is a dog’s dinner designed only to ensure Lib Dem participation in power.

Politics, Lords Reform and Cameron’s plan to dump the proposal until after the 2015 general election, if the rumour mill is correct it looks like Cameron may have grown a pair and not before time!

But why is the current Lords Reform proposals so bad, surely the Lords is ripe for reform and yes the Lords are overdue a little reform but the Lib Dem proposals are nothing to do with constitutional reform to enhance democracy, they are purely designed to harm our democracy and ensure the Lib Dem’s enjoy permanent power, it ensures the Lib Dem’s enjoy permanent because the voting system they are pushing is Proportional Representation (PR) which will ensure a coalition and the Lib Dem’s will just will just swap between parties.

Remember, this is a party which virtually has no policies with public appeal and the policies they do have with public appeal such as tuition fees were just sweeteners, the Lib Dem’s new dropping tuition fees was unaffordable but at the time they made it a policy they never thought they would ever have to implement it, which is why they walked away from the policy with a whimper.

The Lib Dem’s aim after the 2010 general election was to gain 2 main policy pledges, AV/PR and Lords Reform, if they could have both bits of legislation they would have ensured Lib Dem permanent power in both houses, this was never anything to do with democracy or democratic constitutional reform, it was politics and power without accountability by a party which has little public support.

But David Cameron has to be aware of what the Lib Dem aims will be going forward and it won’t be cooperation within the coalition, it will be to ensure that the Labour Part gets more seats than the Conservatives at the 2015 general election whilst hoping the Conservatives do well enough to get a hung parliament, which will allow the Lib Dem’s to forge a coalition with Labour and what will their 2 main policies be AV/PR and Lords reform.

Labour promised the Lib Dem’s full PR without a referendum to try to get them to join a Labour/Lib Dem coalition in 2010 but the numbers didn’t add up, if they ever get it politics and democracy in this country will be badly damaged and the politics of accountability and corruption will prevail!

The public would be advised to note the true agenda of the Lib Dem’s and remember their main policies, ever deeper integration into the European Union, unfettered immigration, higher taxation, ever more green initiatives which achieve nothing but increase indirect costs to you the public, widening the powers of the Human Rights Act, ever more political correctness and championing of the minority groups over the main population, it really will be the politics of greed and envy reinvented.

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