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Politics, Cameron, Coalition and the Liberal Undemocratic Party

Politics, Cameron, Coalition and the Liberal Undemocratic Party, does that mean I will have to call them the Lib Und Party, and of course one addition to the title, we are now in conference season and the nastiest conference is usually the Lib Dem’s, sorry forgot, the Lib Und’s!

It’s a few weeks since the reshuffle which though not brilliant, Cable should have been booted out and Clark retired, it showed some promise with Chris Grayling at the Justice Department and Justine Greening at International Development, very impressed with Greening, she just might sort out our overseas aid fiasco!

Yes the reshuffle contained some promise but why did  the Lib Dem’s increase their minister count (see the article below) and how did David Law’s walk straight into a job where he attends cabinet meetings after fiddling £100,000 on his expenses, just shows the hold the Lib Und’s have over the coalition, way beyond their electoral mandate which is why coalitions do not work and are undemocratic.

Nick Clegg – I AM SO VERY SORRY, I didn’t expect to be in government!

So on to the Lib Und’s (Dem’s) party conference and it is already the usual, same old, left-wing politics of envy, spite and control without any regard for reality, high tax, high spend and the erosion of freedom and liberty that is the bed rock of left-wing student politics.

The politics of envy will never make a country rich it will just milk that country of its talent base and success stories, the rich actually need to get richer to make the whole country a success story

We start with a proposed attack on anyone with assets exceeding £1m to check they are not fiddling their tax and that is fair, everyone should pay he tax they are due to pay, the problem is they are also after the people who do play by the rules. Anyone has the right to avoid tax, we all do it when we fill in our tax returns, we have been given the permission to do this by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and provided everyone sticks to the rules they should be ok but George Osborne must ensure this does not become a witch-hunt aimed at anyone who has been successful!

Then of course we have a second witch-hunt with the Lib Und’s proposed Mansion Tax which is pure politics of envy, why should people be taxed till the pips squeak just because they have been successful, we desperately need them to be more successful and keep that success in the UK.

It is also a fact that many people with a house valued at  £1/2m+ are not rich and their assets are in their house, they will have paid tax when they earned their money, paid tax when they spent it, paid stamp duty tax when they bought the house and saved all their life for a comfortable old age but this mansion tax proposal is just a malicious attack on hard work, success, thrift and honesty!

The Lib Und’s have committed to getting a Mansion on homes valued at £2m through the next budget, they must be stopped, Cameron and Osborne must say NO, this has gon too far!

I am sure that during the week we will have the usual vile attacks by the Lib Und’s on their coalition partners but that is par for the course and then, well, there is the Lib Und’s Tuition Fee’s debacle which has just been blown wide open by Danny Alexander who has admitted that he, David Law’s and Nick Clegg had discussions before the General Election and knew the policy was unaffordable! ou see the Lib Und’s don’t have any main stream policies with electoral support but they always put in some opportunistic plums knowing, or as they thought, they would never be called on to deliver.

The Lib Und’s are openly boasting, at their party conference, that they have over 70% on their manifesto promises implemented which is a major indication of why coalition politics do not work and ar undemocratic, for a minority party with only 15% of the seats, now 10% national support, to dominate the coalition through threats and get the greater part of their manifesto through at the expense of the major party is a distortion of democracy and shows the Lib Und’s up for what they are, an anti-democracy party with ambitions of permanent rule, in spite of the people with little accountability, as it is within the EU.

people must remember that a vote for the Lib Und’s will deliver

  1. Total integration into the European Union (EU) and rule from Brussels, we will become a region of the EU!
  2. Unfettered immigration
  3. Total adherence to the European Court of Human Rights
  4. High taxes
  5. High Spending
  6. Massive green agenda
  7. Your vote at elections will never have any influence on the outcome, ever again!
  8. Etc.

This also applies to a vote for Labour or the formation of a Lab/Lib Und coalition because the Unions are envious of the power of the EU unions and would never allow the Labour Party to have an IN/OUT referendum on the EU, now is the time when you must start to make your mind up but a vote for either the Labour Party or the Lib Und’s is a vote for policies that 70% of the country disagree with, the next election will be simply a vote for or against DEMOCRACY!

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