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Politics, it is Politics Mr Clegg, NOBODY is listening to YOU!

So here we go again, the pigmy of British politics is again throwing his weight and authority around, which far exceeds his democratic mandate, to protect his precious European Union!

Politics and coalitions just do not provide democratic, representative government, here we have Nick Clegg with a miniscule mandate acting as if he was the government but let us analyse the main Lib Dem policies and then maybe we can understand the man who thinks of himself as a main stream politician.

A selection of Lib Dem policies:

  1. Unlimited Immigration
  2. High taxes, particularly on the successful wealth and job creators
  3. Soft sentencing for criminals
  4. Soft on drugs
  5. Ever further integration into the European Union
  6. Join the Euro at a later date
  7. Increased government
  8. Against NHS reform
  9. Ever increasing green policies and taxation
  10. Ever deepening Human Rights legislation and total obedience to the European Court of Human Rights
  11. Anti family
  12. Anti British

There is not one policy there that is anywhere near mainstream Briton, is it any wonder the Lib Dem’s never get anywhere near a national mandate but of course they don’t want a national mandate, the Lib Dem’s want Proportional Representation (PR) which would guaranty a coalition and guaranty the Lib Dem’s permanent power.Further reading

Look at Nick Clegg’s ideas on the European Union (EU), he is saying that we must not distance ourselves from the inner core of the EU and that Great Britain could not survive outside the EU

PR can be made to look super democratic but it is a mirage behind which the Lib Dem’s hide, as we have now, the Lib Dem’s with a miniscule mandate weald the stick in government because without them the government will fall, so they use the national interest argument to push their crackpot and mainly unaffordable policies knowing that they don’t have to worry about main stream public opinion because with a coalition they are guaranteed power, power politics without accountability!

So let us now look at Nick Clegg’s ideas on the European Union (EU), he is saying that we must not distance ourselves from the inner core of the EU and that Great Britain could not survive outside the EU, I would put forward that to survive and move forward as a great and innovative nation we must leave the EU, if we stay and accept further integration we will disappear into a region of the EU and almost certainly lose our pre-eminence as the worlds major centre for financial services along with many other successful areas, and bye the bye, the regions of the EU are already drawn.

Great Britain once again an exciting country to live in, proud of its History, Achievements, Traditions and Institutions, we must no longer hide in the shadows created by Labour and the Lib Dem’s.

Both the Lib Dem’s and the Labour are basically anti-British, Labour spent most of their administration rubbishing our great history, traditions and achievements, the Lib Dem’s are certainly in the same vein but it should be remembered that we, as a nation, invented the computer, built the first Jet Airliner, built Concorde, don’t forget the Harrier Jump Jet which was a world leader and of course the aborted projects like the TR2 cancelled by a Labour government just before completion!

Nick Clegg seems to think, wish for, that if we left the EU we would flounder losing thousands of jobs but this is intrinsically wrong, just look at what we would gain

  1. We would only lose jobs if we came out without a trade agreement which would not happen because we are one of the biggest trading partners of the EU and the biggest where France and Germany is concerned so just as we can’t afford to lose their trade, they can’t afford to lose ours, it should also be remembered that our trade with the EU is massively in deficit so their need to keep our trade is actually greater than ours.
  2. We would gain the ability to reestablish our old trading links with the Commonwealth which has a third of the world’s population and of course there is our new trading partner called the rest of the world!
  3. We would save an estimated
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