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Politics in Scotland as they move to lower the drink drive limit!

Politics and the law in Scotland is getting to be so much different from the rest of the UK, it always was a little different but after the late nineties when Labour let the devolution cat out of the bag we are heading towards the inevitable separation, even though this will be denied!

The plan now is to lower the drink drive limit to 50mg from 80mg, a typical example of the politics of Left-Wing Social Engineering which will in the end criminalize innocent people and it’s impact on accidents and deaths will probably be zero!

The plan to lower the drink drive limit to 50mg from 80mg is one of those arguments which sound good until you investigate, will it cut accidents – NO, will it catch more drunk drivers – NO but it will criminalize innocent motorists who don’t cause accidents and would always stay within the law but this is the politics of the vestige interest minority groups who are not interested in anything outside their little world, they do though impact on the majority!

You see the majority of drivers who just have a pint or something well within the limit are not the drivers who cause accidents, this law will criminalize innocent people who just have their normal pint but get called out on an emergency or the couple out on a celebration so they either stop at a hotel or get up late the following morning, feeling great but not realizing it is still in their system but these are not the people who cause accidents or have accidents.

The drivers that have accidents and kill people won’t be effected, they are the drivers who are probably never even under the current limit at anytime during the day or night and continue to drink with never a thought and would not even consider leaving the car.

Because these drivers are continuously over the limit and get away with it lowering the limit will have no effect, enforcing the current law would have a major effect on accidents whilst not criminalising innocent people but the politicians want a headline and the small minority of do-gooders and jobsworths who seem to have a major influence on our society will be happy!

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Scotland aim to lower drink drive limit to 50mg down from 80mg

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