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Politics and the Question, David Cameron are you Conservative or NOT?

Politics and the question, it is an interesting question and only time will tell but it is the question which will decide the next general election and at the moment I do not know the answer

Politics and the coalition, David Cameron has some very big questions to ask himself and the way he answers them will decide not only the result of the next general election but of his own place in history, SUCCESS or FAILURE that is the question!

David Cameron

David Cameron won the election to be the Conservative leader against the odds, David Davis was the way out front-runner and a down to earth politician with beliefs and principles, a true signpost politician, newspapers predicted that David Cameron could quit the race but one conference speech of quality converted the party faithful so has he really delivered winning politics.

For a party with only 15% of the vote the Lib Dem’s seem to have the major say in the coalition which is not what the electorate voted for.

So has David Cameron delivered, is he the PR guru he portrayed, in a word NO, he has the quick PR quip but on general PR he is an amateur but what about presentation, yes he can certainly make a good speech and it got him the job in the first place, not so good though in debates! Further reading

Cameron was very open about wanting to modernise the party and he had two choices, to either move his party politics more firmly to the right of centre which is where the country is and his grassroots reside or move his party to slightly left of centre which is where he decided to go and in doing so he has left his grassroots behind, never again will he win another leadership election and it was what cost the Conservatives a majority at the last General Election.

Cameron seems to have no head for or interest in detail, he has no idea what his Ministers are up to and every problem with policy seems to be a surprise to him

What about his ability to choose his support team, well I don’t really have to go into that because Cameron has displayed a total lack of judgement when choosing personnel, never has a Prime Minister been embarrassed so often, never has a Prime Minister handled each situation so badly!

What is frightening is that Cameron seems to have no head for or interest in detail, he has no idea what his Ministers are up to and every problem with policy seems to be a surprise to him, most of his policy problems have been glaringly obvious but because he takes little or no interest and has no grasp of detail we are lurching from disaster to disaster, to truly lead in politics you must nowadays have a grasp of the detail.

An important part of a Prime Ministers job is negotiation, other countries, trade agreements, the European Union, Trade Unions, his own Cabinet Ministers not to mention his Lib Dem partners in the coalition, so is David Cameron a good negotiator, sorry NO, he certainly let the Lib Dem’s walk all over him, for a party with only 15% of the vote the Lib Dem’s seem to have the major say in the coalition which is not what the electorate voted for. You would have thought that with only 57 MP’s against the Conservatives 306, 15% of the 363 MP’s in the Coalition that 15% of the Ministerial places and 15% of the Lib Dem manifesto would have been a fair allocation for the Lib Dem’s but no and in regard to their manifesto over 65% has been implemented, their influence seems to be at least equal.

Even taking all this into account David Cameron’s biggest problems are that he has no connection with ordinary people, does not really believe in anything and has, in politics, few principles and he has led his party to the Lib Dem left of centre which is not where the rest of the country is and finally it is becoming increasingly clear that he is not a Conservative and holds the grassroots in total contempt, Cameron just seems to enjoy the fantasy game of virtual politics played out within the coalitions but David, this is real!

You would think that Cameron would cotton on, every time – albeit under threat from his own MP’s, he has played the Conservative card over for instance voting reform and the European Union Treaty his poll ratings have gone through the roof but it is almost as if he is programmed for failure and he stands a very good chance of joining Brown and Blair as one of our worst ever Prime Ministers, then he has always said he wanted to be the successor to Blair but why anyone would want to emulate a total failure is beyond imagination.

So there we have is, SUCCESS OR FAILURE, I would say 3/10, far from being a success he is leading his party to lose the next general election or certainly to another hung parliament, I can’t see the country giving the Labour Party power again but also the Lib Dem’s will likely be wiped out so who will be the third biggest party, enter UKIP who are currently level with the Lib Dem’s, a Conservative/UKIP coalition would really give Cameron a problem but then he probably wouldn’t be the leader of the Conservative Party though it might be good for the country.

This post is really hard because I am a life long Conservative, I have organised and stood in elections as a Conservative candidate with ambitions to enter Parliament but the current situation is a total betrayal of the Conservative Party and the frustrating thing is that, still, he is our only hope, maybe he will prove to us that he is a true Conservative but don’t hold your breath!

And, Cameron still has time to prove us wrong, he has time to up his game and show that he can be a great Prime Minister but he need a paradigm shift in delivery and attitude, he need to prove he is a Conservative, for the country’s sake I hope he does!

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