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Personal Development, it is all in the Planning, Plan and Stick to it!

Anybody who has been successful will tell you that they got there by working hard, planning and taking hold of opportunities with both hands.

All of them inevitably had the dream of becoming a leader in their chosen field which has driven them through to where they are today, for some this desire started young where as for others it came later on in life, but regardless at what age the fires were lit and a plan is always needed to be able to get from where you begin and your present circumstances to the end result.

Planning is essential allowing you to create a project and financial plan to back up your personal development plan, as a package this will ensure success, personal development plans have long been the tools of choice that the rich and successful have used, you may have even used a similar version already in your life but have known it under a different name.

When you are in College, University or even if you are taking a training course through work you will have had at some point made a plan of your studying hours so that you can maximize your chances of passing the end examination(s), in essence a personal development plan.

If you have created one before you will remember taking the time to write doen and plan your every move over that period so that you can organise your studying to improve your potential, for those that have not devised these types of plans before the principle is simple just in an order that is slightly different to a study plan when creating a personal development plan:

1. Outline your overall goal/objective.

2. Write down the necessary steps you will need to take to achieve your goal/objective.

3. Figure out a realistic timeframe to achieve all this

4. Define the Financials involved in making it all happen, outlining your ultimate goal/objective is the first step as this helps you to take the dream that you have and turn it into reality.

Then make a list of how and what you need to get there, this will help you to build the project plan and sets your mini goals or targets that need to be accomplished to bring you closer to the ultimate goal.

Creating the project plan is the next important step as it allows you to be realistic about your aims and what they involve and shows you how much effort you are going to need to put in to achieving your desired outcome.

One of the last steps is to organise the financial side of your plan, this shows you if there are any gaps or lump sums that may need you to save up for, if you are unable to save or have the full amount in time you will need a contingency plan such as borrowing or even a second job to increase your income.

The final stage is to hang the personal development plan somewhere you can see it, that way you are reminded everyday of why you are doing what you are, to check your progress and make any adjustments you may need to include or even remove any steps if the opportunities arise to spring you forward in your project plan.

Remember, whatever you want to achieve in life, it is all in the planning.

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