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Paris Climate Accord, a Flawed Deal, Faces Same Fate As Kyoto!

The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) regards the decision by the US administration to withdraw from the Paris climate accord as the inevitable outcome of a fatally flawed process.

                                                                         GWPF director Dr Benny Peiser said:
paris climate accord“The Paris climate accord agreement was pushed through against the declared will of America’s elected representatives. US leaders and critics had warned international leaders repeatedly that the US Senate rejected Obama’s deal and that a Republican president would shred it to pieces. Now the Paris accord faces the same fate as the Kyoto Protocol which also ended in failure”.

GWPF chairman Lord Lawson said that the US decision increased pressure for the UK to do the same:
“US industry already enjoys a huge energy cost advantage over the UK and other EU countries, so the US move can only make things harder for us in Europe. The next government must take a long, hard, look at whether we can afford our own Climate Change Act any longer. It is clear that the costs imposed on British businesses and households are now entirely unsustainable.”

Stock Markets Hit Record High After Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Accord Deal

Stocks hit new highs as Donald Trump dropped the Paris climate accord deal. The US president faced a backlash after confirming that he would reverse Barack Obama’s decision to join the pact to cut emissions. But stock markets appeared to brush off the news. The S&P yesterday hit a fresh record highs, while the Dow Jones surged by 0.65 per cent. Today Britain’s FTSE 100 followed the lead to reach to new top levels of 7,598. US stock markets were helped by a fresh round of positive economic data, with the latest jobs numbers coming in far higher than expected. –Lana Clements, Daily Express, 2 June 2017

paris climate accord

Did you notice the stock market rising sharply after President Trump announced he would pull out of the Paris Climate Accord and – according to CNN – destroy the entire planet? Markets are irrational, but still, it’s hard to reconcile a decision to destroy civilization with a rise in investor confidence. What should I make of the fact so many citizens say global warming is an existential danger while the people who have money are (apparently) betting against it? How does that make sense? —Scott Adams, 2 June 2017
US president Donald Trump will honour his campaign pledge to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement and defund UN climate programmes, a former adviser to the new administration has said. Myron Ebell served as head of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) transition team from early September until 19 January, when he helped to draft an advisory action plan on how to implement Trump’s campaign promises. At a press briefing held by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) and the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in London today, Ebell declined to divulge any details of the EPA document on the grounds that it is confidential. But Ebell outlined Trump’s “very clear” promises on energy and the environment that he is convinced the new president will honour. —Argus News, 30 January 2017

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