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Tory Eurosceptics Win Major Concession

Eurosceptic Members of Parliament have gained a major concession from the coalition by forcing the redrafting of part of a bill which plans to hold a referendum if there is a future Brussels move to grab power.The legislation contains a sovereignty clause which says:
European law only takes precedence over British law because Parliament has decided to allow it, making it clear that MP’s could one day vote to reverse the situation.

Eurosceptics, led by Bill Cash, complained that the explanatory notes attached to the bill were so badly written that they could be used by judges to tell Parliament what to do.

But this is only a sticking plaster stop-gap which will not really stop the Brussels power grab because for thing to be successful coalition ministers have to be truly on board and to highlight that this isn’t the case, during a chance meeting between Bill Cash and David Cameron, it is reported, that David Cameron asked Bill Cash if he was still Conservative!

Now, the arrogance of this is simply beyond belief, David Cameron obviously can’t cope with MP’s who disagree with him and seems to be cutting adrift the whole Right of Centre section of the Conservative Party, which may actually represent the majority views of the electorate. It is almost as if David Cameron is determined to force through his Left of Centre agenda in spite of the British people but in doing so he could cut loose the majority of his MP’s who belong to the Right of Centre and in doing so destroy a great party, or maybe create a great party!

It is almost like the coalition have taken the Lib Dem’s drug and are being slowly seduced into the cosy virtual world European Union politics, indifferent to the political climate or views/public opinion here in the UK, then of course this was how we entered the EU or Common Market, as it was then when the British public were persuaded by a manifesto of lies, David Cameron needs to tell us exactly what his agenda is, it certainly is not what he stood for at the general election!

I close this post by asking David Cameron, are you still a Conservative?

Phil Baker
Senior Manager, Political Commentator
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