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Nuclear Deterrent – Why we need the Trident nuclear deterrent!

Well, do we need a nuclear deterrent, you had better believe it!

And of course David Cameron has played his usual trick, as he did with the Human Rights review and has done with the review into our Trident nuclear deterrent, putting someone at the head of the review who is against the governments intentions and has already made his mind up!

If you are going to have a review of the Human Rights Act and the European Court of Human Rights you don’t put that review in charge of Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke who have openly said that they will not tolerate any interference with the European Court of Human Rights or the Human Rights Act even though it was what the voters voted for in 2010, they want to increase the reach of a universally discredited organisation!

nuclear deterrent
Trident Nuclear Deterrent

If you are going to have a review into the UK Trident nuclear deterrent then you just don’t put the leadership of that review in the hands of the Lib Dem’s who have little interest in defending this country because all they want to do is see the UK fully integrated as a region of the European Union, defended by the European Union army!

The facts are that today is probably the most dangerous time in our history since the 1930s/1940s, far more dangerous and unpredictable than during the Cold War where we knew the enemy and both sides wanted to survive but now so many unpredictable countries have or are developing nuclear weapons, countries that could easily fall into the hands of extremists such as Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, countries officially recognised as nuclear powers are United States of America, Russia, United Kingdom France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea.

List of states with nuclear weapons

And the list above does not include all the rogue states that made up the old Soviet Union and the possibility that even countries like Saudi Arabia, who have the ability and resources to develop nuclear weapons, could fall into militant hands, not to mention the numerous terrorist groups around the world, frightening to say the least! 

Lest us not forget that we should always learn our lessons from history and without question every time a major nation has disarmed going back 500 years that disarmament has increased and brought forward the outbreak of war, just from very current history take the examples of WWI, WWII and the Falklands.

Some people will say, why spend so much money on something we will never use but of course we never want to have to use it, that is why it is called a deterrent to deter people from using nuclear weapons against us, it is the nation’s insurance policy and just like our household insurance policy we all hope we will never use it!

Must it be the Trident nuclear deterrent, well no, if there is something which is better and more cost-effective but I like the idea of Trident because it is almost impossible to knock out, our enemies won’t know where the submarines are which is a major deterrent in itself and they also know that even if they cause  major damage to the UK it won’t affect our ability to respond, it may be expensive, any nuclear weapon is but it is also very cost-effective and does safeguard our country and our future safety.

Is David Cameron right in saying we need the Trident nuclear deterrent because of the threat of North Korea, yes and no, is North Korea on her own a threat to the UK and the answer is no but the country’s North Korea could drag into a nuclear war is a worry, I think, not for the first time, Cameron has used the wrong example!

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