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Clegg gives 2 fingers to Public, he is desparate to keep us in the EU

So Nick Clegg is in a panic over the European Union saying that David Cameron’s renegotiation is bound to fail, he would never be able to renegotiate enough to satisfy his right-wing back benchers, that Cameron is running scared of his own party and a referendum is bad for the economy and business!

What Nick Clegg is really scared of, something he regards as a nuisance and treats with contempt is public opinion because those very Conservative back benchers represent 70%+ of public opinion.


So, having said that, is Nick Clegg correct in saying that David Cameron will not be able to renegotiate a sufficient package to satisfy his party and the British public and yes, in that respect I think he is correct because the only package which will satisfy the British public is to change our relationship to one of trade and cooperation only.


Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister Lib Dem Leader
Nick Clegg
Deputy Prime Minister
Lib Dem Leader

A trade and cooperation relationship with the European Union is the only relationship which makes sense but will it, as Clegg and the left-wing press say, be financial suicide, the answer to that is a big NO, it will release and invigorate our economy, I know the European Union is our biggest market but we are in turn the biggest market worldwide for both Germany and France, they simply cannot afford to lose our trade so our trading position with the European Union will be safe and of course we gain the ability to explore the rest of the world and reintroduce ourselves to the fastest growing market, the Commonwealth!

Will we, as Clegg and left-wing commentators say, lose influence in the world and again the answer is NO, we will totally lose influence in the world if we stay in the European Union and further integrate because we will be one of 27+ and growing and the world influence will be European Union (EU) not British!

If we leave the European Union, continue to manage our economy correctly, grow a country of aspiration and invention and grow/maintain our armed forces we will gain influence in the world way beyond our current level and everyone must remember it was people like Nick Clegg who forced the issue of the ERM along with Labour and the few Conservative Europhiles and told us it would be financial suicide if we didn’t join the Euro, thankfully they were ignored as we must do this time.

Nick Clegg patently hates everything about British history, democracy and tradition, trying to change everything to the European way, he likes the idea of government without accountability, permanent power for the Lib Dem’s whoever wins the election, Nick Clegg in coalition with the Labour Party would be one of the greatest dangers to our democracy since WWII.

Of course Nick Clegg wants us to stay in the European Union, it was were he started his political career and probably where he will finish it but the United Kingdom has a far bigger role to play in the world than that of ‘a region of the European Union’ and currently the only party committed to give the British public a say is the Conservative Party, you have to make sure you get that say and yes UKIP will also give you a say but by voting UKIP at the 2015 general election is more likely to result in a Labour/Lib Dem coalition!

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