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Mothers Being Refused Jobs!

Apparently, according to a survey, an increasing number of employers are specifically not giving jobs to women of child-bearing age or with children, even though this is illegal, because of the ever-increasing equality laws which make it uneconomic for a small business.

What Harriet Harman has done with her equality pilgrimage, and Cameron has carried on, is to actually discriminate against women and make it more difficult for them to progress in the job market and the more these laws are strengthened the worse it will get.

The survey by Regus of 10,000 employers found that only 26% intend to hire working mothers, down from 38% last year, again this is politicians selling the policy with a friendly front end, this is not actually equality legislation but positive discrimination legislation which is social engineering of the worst kind and it never works.

Hopefully we will start getting some common sense into the coalition as this parliament matures!

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