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Mark Duggan and the continued bias reporting of the BBC!

Mark Duggan, basically a thug who liked knives and guns a little too much, Mark Duggan was carrying a gun, whether or not he had it in his hand when he got out of the vehicle, he had picked up a gun that fateful day and intended to use it if required.

The very fact that Mark Duggan was known for carrying guns and was carrying a gun on that day means that he was largely responsible for his own death!



mark duggan
In memory of Mark Duggan

The police haven’t done themselves or their profession any favours but Mark Duggan lived by violence, was suspected of being involved in murder, drugs and was a gang member so he died the way he lived, neither have his family done themselves or Mark Duggan’s memory any good with their appalling behaviour both inside and outside the court and with the threats made against the jurors which forced the police to give the jurors protection, the family acted like a vicious mob but maybe their behaviour was a fitting tribute to a man of violence.

The police certainly have to become more transparent, open in their dealings with every section of the community and be willing to accept when a mistake has been made but if a mistake was made with the killing of Mark Duggan he sealed his own fate by carrying a gun, head camera’s now must be a part of every policeman/women’s uniform, for the protection of both the public and the police.

All through the trial and particularly after the verdict the BBC reporting was totally biased in favour of Mark Duggan.

Just who was that idiot of a judge who suggested the Duggan family should now be asked to advise the police of future police procedure, the do-gooders in our society are just as dangerous as the Duggan family could be, on the subject of the Mark Duggan family, they are obviously grieving and we feel for them, they have lost a son, uncle etc. but violence is not the way and a true memory of Mark Duggan would be for the whole family to renounce violence, then we can move forward.

Now for the reason for this post, all through the trial and particularly after the verdict the BBC reporting was totally biased in favour of Mark Duggan and very anti establishment, the BBC is supposed to be the premier news reporter in the world but more and more often they are grovelling in the gutters of journalism and we are expected to pay for it, the BBC still does many brilliant things, it just doesn’t need to stoop to this level, it needs to get out of the gutter and reflect the society it represents and present to that society the very best standards of corporate governance and news reporting!

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