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Management, get that top job by writing a powerful CV!•Its just life!

Part of the ‘Management Skills’ Series

Your CV is the sales literature that will hopefully get you on the interview shortlist for that TOP Management job.

Your CV is the sales literature that will hopefully get you on the interview shortlist for that TOP Management job, other than using personal contacts the CV is the tool that has to get you past first base so it is very important that you spend quality time producing it. Even if you put the production of you CV in the hands of a premier CV writer such as ‘Top Draw CV Writer’ you will still have to provide them with the appropriate information and inside knowledge about your career.

The layout of your CV is critical and DO NOT have any dividing lines across, dividing lines could eliminate you at the first hurdle where companies use a computer programme to check CV’s, a Cv should be in Blocks clear , honest and to the point but NO LINES around the blocks! Further reading

Block 1 Name, any letters after your name, address, telephone numbers and email

Block 2 Profile This is your sales pitch, use words such as, An experienced Business Manager,proven track record, leader, change management to describe your particular skills and experience – no more than 3 paragraphs about 3 lines for each paragraph.

Block 3 Key Skills You need about 5 key skills and these can be such as Business Development, Project Management, Customer Relationship, Commercially Aware etc; after each key skill you should write 2/3 lines describing an example of you utilising that key skill during your management career.

Block 4 Professional Experience This is a history of your precious jobs in reverse order, last job first, no need to go back more than 10/15 years as it is essential to keep the CV to 2 pages, each job should be written as follows:

1) Company Name, in capitals, dates employed i.e. 1995 – 2006
2) One line description of what the company does.
3) Your job title
4) A brief 1/2 line description of what your job entailed
5) Key Achievements which is simply YOUR key achievements during the time you were employed in that position, you should be using words like organised,
negotiated, implemented and introduced, somewhere between 2 and 5 key achievements per job

Block 5 Earlier Appointments This is just a list of earlier jobs, just job title and company, again in reverse order.

Block 6 Qualifications

Block 7 In House Training Any in-house training courses like Health & Safety, Appraisal Training etc.

Block 8 Personal Driving licence, references available etc.

Block 9 Leisure Interests

Remember, keep your CV to 2 pages and ensure everything on your CV is fact, if you lie you will get found out, short, punchy and positive.

If you would prefer to have your CV handcrafted by professionals then just go to ‘Top Draw CV Writer’ and we will see you at the top!

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