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Lib Dem Conference Season Again, who did they call the Nasty Party?

It is that time of year and the Lib Dem Party Conference is well under way, Nick Clegg is claiming everything of any consequence the coalition has achieved as a Lib Dem initiative as if they were the main party in government, Vince Cable has labelled the Conservative Party the Nasty Party Returned and Danny Alexander has stated that the Conservative Party need to be controlled to stop a lurch to the right, same old, same old go to sleep politics!

Lib Dem Conference, YES, same old go to sleep politics, same nasty rhetoric, same far left-wing stance and oh so dangerous for our country!


lib dem
Nick Clegg
Party Conference 2013

Lib Dem Conference season, it is all here, unfettered Immigration, Tax the Rich and not so rich until the pips squeak, mansion tax, further integration into the EU, reduced Defence in an ever more dangerous world, more Human Rights Act, the Climate Change Religion with legions of Wind Farms, YES, it can only be the Lib Dem Party Conference!

They talk about a fairer society, of the Conservative Party as the nasty party and of anchoring in the centre ground where, in reality the Lib Dem Party has never been, they are a party of the far left-wing, telling you they are of the centre ground is just their friendly front end and the real nasty party are the Lib Dem Party, just look at video’s of the last 2/3 party conferences and if we look at what they are proposing they are diametrically opposed to the views of the British people!


Nick Clegg has urged the British people to put the Lib Dem’s back into government in 2015 as the only party able to curb the excesses of the Tories and Labour.

“We are the only party that can finish the job of economic recovery but finish it fairly,” he boasted to the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow when it is obvious that the Lib Dem’s have actually been one of the biggest brakes on economic recovery, restricting the cuts, massive expenditure on mad Green policies which are effecting every household, massive increases in overseas aid, restricting the effectiveness of NHS reform, stopping reform of the tax system and supporting every additional piece of legislation from the European Union which is a major burden on business.

Clegg then went on to list the policies the Lib Dem’s had stopped the Conservative majority party from implementing such as

  • Scrapping the Human Rights Act and replacing it with our own Bill of Rights
    For which the Conservative Party have a mandate from the last general election and is supported by 65%+ of the British people
  • Reducing inheritance tax.
    You pay tax when you earn your money, when you save it, when you spend it and in some cases when you give it away, lets not also forget the continued and increasing attack on our income/savings by local authorities. Inheritance tax as with Mansion taxes are nasty taxes of the jealous on prudent savers and are a tax on success, it must be abolished or at worst start at about £3m+.
  • Changing our relationship with the European Union
    They have only managed to put the brakes on this but again the Conservative Party has a mandate for this and it carries a massive 65% support of the British people.

Virtually none of the main Lib Dem policies have any public support and they certainly had no mandate for anything at the last election apart from tuition fees but Nick Clegg is not interested in any of that he is pushing for permanent coalition government which will ensure him a permanent seat in power without any firm commitment to the British people. The Lib Dem’s are not interested in the views of the British people just forcing through their ever more expensive green policies, more Human Rights, more integration into the European Union, ever higher taxes and the destruction of any traditionally British institution and the rubbishing of our proud history.

The Lib Dem’s don’t need to take notice of public opinion because the type of electoral system they are pushing for is Proportional Representation (PR) which guarantees a coalition with the power being with the minority parties, parties without any mandate at all, under this system you don’t even know what the policies are until after the election and would guarantee a virtually permanent left wing government and, before voting, every member of the British electorate should contemplate the damage a Labour/Lib Dem coalition could do to this country!

It is obvious from this Lib Dem conference that the Lib Dem’s are the seedbed of Automadoms who now rule our life with excessive Elf and Safety rules, over interpretation of EU rules, they have infiltrated the judiciary leading to some daft interpretations of Human Rights and for the sake of the country and our sanity the rise of the Automadoms has to be stopped!

Lib Dem’s = Power without accountability and a total contempt for the British electorate but of course coalition politics is the only survival route for Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s, Nick is fighting ruthlessly for his job, he is really not interested in Great Britain or Democracy.   

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