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Lets hope Cameron follows the will of Parliament!

The European Court of Human Rights saw its directive that all prisoners should get the vote roundly defeated in Parliament with a majority of 212, only 22 voted in favour, Cameron must now follow the will of Parliament, I hope he has the courage!

The very next day the European Court of Human Rights representative issued the following instruction:

‘I am deeply disappointed by last night’s vote, in defiance of the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights on prisoner voting.
‘I had hoped that the parliament of one of Europe’s oldest democracies – regarded as playing a leading role in protecting human rights – would have encouraged the United Kingdom to honour its international obligations, as our assembly urged only last month.
‘Every member state must implement the judgments of the court.’

The British Parliament makes the law for the United Kingdom, our law must not be made anywhere else but in the Houses of Parliament, the directive above only goes to prove how important it is for us to leave its jurisdiction forthwith, apparently 3,000+ cases a month are being lodged against the British Government at the European Court of Human Rights mainly from prisoners, next step is to pass a law banning prisoners from claiming compensation.

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