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Labour is really getting wound up

Labour is really getting wound up with the combined bill covering the voting reform referendum on May 5th and the proposal to reduce the number of MP’s from 650 to 600 and equalise constituency sizes so that they are all nominally the same size.Firstly Labour broadly supports the referendum and a large part of the leadership support the principle of proportional representation (PR), they would because as I have often said PR simply means, in real politics, politicians in the main parties stay close to the levers of power whatever the election result i.e. it is very difficult to kick them out, have less responsibility because there is always someone to blame and it could result in permanent left-wing administrations which would kill this country and make the unions ever more powerful again!

It is the reduction in the numbers of MP’s and equalising the constituencies which really wrankles Labour, they have spent the last 13 years in power skewing the voting system towards labour in a bid to ensure permanent power to the extent that currently Labour only need a 3% lead to win a majority whereas the Conservative Party need in excess of 11%. Equalising the constituencies will make the ‘First Past the Post’ voting system both the simplest and fairest voting system in the world, the reduction in MP’s is a natural bye-product of the constituency equalization.

Another point on the number of MP’s, 600 is still too many, twice the number needed in the United States!

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