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Juande Ramos spins the story to justify his failure but…!

Juande Ramos spins the story to justify his failure at Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) but of course it is all fiction, Juande Ramos is saying that the Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy is not interested in winning, just making money.

A go at a clever story from Juande Ramos but the public facts go no where near backing up his claims and in any case, making money and winning go hand in hand, one can’t survive without the other!

Juande Ramos hosts Spurs who meet his current team Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in a Europa League tie and he is just trying to rewrite history and paint his disastrous time at Spurs in a better light so let us look at what he is saying, remember this is 5+ years ago, apparently he wanted Eto’o and Villa but got Pavlvuchenko and Bent but Eto’o and Villa were in their prime and whilst we could have afforded the transfer fee we could not have coped with the wages and in any case Champions League would have been a prerequisite and Spurs were no where near!

juande ramosAlso remember that even Eto’o and Villa would have been, like any player from abroad, a gamble and I still think that, with time,  Pavlvuchenko would have been a star player, Ramos also said that Spurs were a selling club only interested in making a profit on players rather than getting results but Spurs have never been a selling club, as Manchester United were not a selling club but it is good and essential business sense to try and ensure that players have a value as their contract enters the final years and there is a time to sell players.

Yes as Sir Alex Ferguson showed there is a time to sell, either a player is being disruptive in the dressing room, near or past his sell-by-date or won’t sign a new contract there is a time and the players identified by Ramos, Modric and Bale, fit into these categories.

Spurs would, without question, be better if they had kept Modric and Bale but Daniel Levy fought for 2 seasons to try and keep Modric and it was hard battle to try and keep Bale but both effectively refused to play for Spurs to force through their transfers to Real Madrid and it left Levy no excuse but to squeeze as much money as possible out of Madrid which he did very successfully.

With regard to the players brought in, practically every player from abroad who has starred in the premiership has had an average first season but then gone on to great things, apart from the language problem the premiership is far faster and more physical, players take time to adapt so it is not surprising that one or two are struggling but they will come good and with Lamela in particular he is also very young and been very unlucky for injury, get Lamela playing and we will have a player that is better than Bale, remember though, every foreign player is a gamble!

So Juande Ramos, let us see what your players can do this Thursday against the current Spurs side, hopefully we can give you a good thrashing and shut you up but no matter how you phrase it, your time at Spurs was a disaster. 

GOOD LUCK to Spurs for Thursday night 20th February 2014 when they meet and beat Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in the Europa League!

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