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ISP Review, the Foundations of Your Online Business

ISP Insty.Me Product Review

If you already have an online business or are starting from scratch a solid, reliable, fast and cost effective ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the very foundation of your business



If you already have an online business but your site needs a complete revamp or are about to start an online business and need to build a site, you will know that the very foundations of that business is the ISP (Internet service Provider).

If you then partner a sound ISP with the right software and in this case the choice has got to be WordPress, the choice of over 60 million web sites, you will have a rock solid, future proof choice.

I have been working online since 1998 and have used a whole raft of ISPs, Bluehost, Hostgator and Jvzoo Hosting all are superb hosting platforms and I still use them all but the one that stands out is

I have used for about 6 months and it is my main ISP, nothing can touch it particularly if you are using WordPress and 23.3% (in excess of 60 million web sites) of the worlds sites are WordPress based.



Whether you are talking

  • Hosting
    Rock solid fast servers which will not be phased by any surge in traffic.
  • Complete Backup System
    Yes, included in your monthly fee, your own full back up facility under your control, FULL BACKUP and RESTORE at your fingertips.
  • Fully Configured Autoresponder
    Lead Capture bulk email marketing system on YOUR web space, no more monthly fees to GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber, it is under YOUR control, no one can close you down and delete your customer list, all within the price! With any online business, often the most valuable thing it has is the customer list, I can keep in contact with my customer list by sending out up to 50,000 contact emails a day and yes 50,000 emails will cost me an additional fee, about $4!
  • The very best and most responsive support 24/7
    The proof is in the eating and they have never let me down or be anything less than excellent
  • Continually evolving to ensure you have the tools to succeed has been built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and the team are continually looking for additional tools to help you manage your business and many times they are just included in your price, why, because retaining customers is the key to a successful ISP business!
  • You really do have everything coupled to unrivaled reliability

Insty.Me has all the bases covered, CLICK HERE and take a look at TODAY!

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