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If They Only Understood What They Are Saying!

If only they understood what they are saying, or perhaps that would be frightening!

Listening to Ed Miliband last night, it was the new labour press conferences with Miliband and Johnson, it appears Ed Miliband is a supporter of the proportional representation (PR) via AV vote and will be on the ‘Yes’ platform. Ed Miliband commented that PR/AV offered more democracy and was a much overdue reform to the voting system, well first when a politician offers more democracy it usually means less democracy and PR/AV is a point in case, one of Miliband’s big charges against the coalition government has been the broken promises but Ed, that’s what coalitions mean because no-one knows what the policies will be until after the election and will depend on the eventual makeup of a coalition.

What it means is that in the world of real politics politicians don’t have to make any promises, manifesto’s are meaningless and any accusations of broken promises are blamed on the coalition, the politicians have more power and freedom, remain closer to power whatever the election result and hence the fertiliser of corruption is created because everything is decided behind closed doors! PR/AV or any PR will also see the BNP, Greens and UKIP getting close to power and the rub is, we will not be able to vote them out, they will enjoy life on the gravy train whilst ever they can walk and talk – so much for more democracy.

Ed Miliband talks quite well, talking about opportunity for everybody to better themselves etc. etc, it’s almost as if he has a new politics home but this is real politics and its a pity he does not understand what he is talking about let alone come even close to implementing it, even if the country was daft enough to give him the keys to power! Every time the Labour Party has come to power it has left the country as a basket case, they did it in 1979 and they certainly did it in 2010, contrast this for instance with the country Labour took over in 1997

  1. A golden economy which was the envy of the world with plaudits from the World Bank and the IMF.
  2. A pensions system which was well into surplus and again the envy of the world.
  3. We were the most free country in the world with any surveillance at a minimum.
  4. We were a true United Kingdom, one parliament and one country.
  5. We were slowly, very slowly winning the fight to stay at arm’s length from the EU.
  6. We were tough on crime and crime was falling.
  7. The list goes on and on!

Well, it did not take long for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to sort it, we are all suffering from the results of Labour’s handling of the economy, left the way Labour usually leaves the economy, bankrupt and Gordon Brown made Maxwell look like an angel with his continual tax raids to bankrupt the pensions system. We are the most watched country in the world with hundreds of thousand of camera’s installed and the country now has a Scottish and Welsh parliament at enormous cost due to the Labour Parties ill thought out devolution policy, add this to our ever increasing decent into the depths of the EU and the appalling performance of the Home Office and senior police, it’s enough to make any poor voter despair.

The thing that voter’s must watch out for in the immediate future is the May election’s vote on PR, whatever form of PR, it spells the end of democracy and an easier life for the politicians, all that needs doing to reform our electoral system is the equalization of the constituencies so they have, nominally, the same number of votes and this would make our ‘first past the post’ system the fairest in the world. It would also have the added advantage of reducing the number of MP’s from 650, twice the number needed in the United States, to 600, still too many but a start so vote for democracy and against PR.

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