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I Just Despair

I really do despair, the other night I called in to McDonald’s for a late meal, the first thing that strikes you is the amount of people eating in their car!Now, I can’t for the life of me see what the attraction is to eating in your car when you can eat sitting at a table inside McDonald’s and the only thing missing then is a table-cloth and knife & fork, the thing that really gets me though is that after eating in their car everyone just dumps the rubbish on the floor and drives off, no upbringing, no pride.

Called into Tesco tonight and again, not the same thing but the same lack of upbringing and pride, I couldn’t get over the number of people who had taken their shopping in the trolley provided, unloaded it into their car and then just driven off leaving the trolley in the car park which at night is dangerous, add something else to lack of upbringing and pride, call it laziness!

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