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Internet Guru’s Home Based Business, keep your Money in the Bank!

How many of you are trying or proposing to try to earn money with a home based business?

How many of you are trying or proposing to try to earn money on the internet, it can be a super home based business, or can it!

One of the easiest ways to start an internet home based business is by launching a blog and believe me if the blog is optimised correctly, you follow an aggressive link strategy, has good ‘valuable to your visitor’ content and you update that content daily then you will get traffic and over time you will earn money.

Once you start you will end up on mailing list after mailing list all trying to sell you they’re proven way to riches, they will rubbish other so-called Internet Guru’s telling you that they are the real deal! You will probably be tempted so follow the links, are mildly impressed and when you see its only $30/40/50 you have a punt and pays your money, once they have your money you are immediately directed to the up selling page which could cost you a further $70 and then probably another up selling page and some are monthly installments!

Think about though, who in the world would sell a system which supposedly generates $5,000/10,000 per month for $30 or even 10x more, these so-called Internet Guru’s don’t make their money from using these products, their home based business is based on selling the products and because the amounts involved are relatively small no one pursues them if the product does not work!

So, keep your money in your pocket and create your home based business the only way that works through good optimisation, a clean fast design because speed is essential, an aggressive link building strategy, planned site promotion and first-rate valuable to your visitors content.

This is hard work and persistence but it works and you will end up with a genuine home based business which will do wonders for your own personal development.

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