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Glegg and AV politics, uses same tactics as Labour

Glegg and AV politics, uses same tactics as Labour used to combat the anti-EU majority

The last Labour government used to call anyone who voiced any opposition to anything EU ‘little Englanders’, ‘fascist’, ‘wrong headed’ and isolationists, anything to belittle them, the problem that the Labour government had was that the majority of the country was and is very anti the European Economic Community, European Union or whatever!

Nick Clegg has now adopted the same tactics and calling supporters of the NO to AV campaign “fascists and extremists” like the British National Party, as ever Nick Clegg is grovelling in the gutters of British politics to try to justify a voting system which is the dream of the Lib Dem’s and which, they think, guarantees them permanent power. It will in fact drive the UK into an era of permanent coalition government, weak indecisive government and decline into a namby pamby region of the EU, GET US OUT OF HERE!

Vote NO to AV and, when we get the chance YES to LEAVING the EU and this great country of ours will start to motor again. REMEMBER under the Conservative Government we were the 3rd largest overseas investor after the US and Japan, that was some achievement!

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