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Gay Marriage, Same Sex Marriage, whatever = Social Engineering!

Gay Marriage, yes once again we have the establishment pandering to the minority metropolitan elite, atheists, politically correct do-gooder’s and the social engineering bigots within the Lib Dem’s to try to impose Gay Marriage (Same Sex Marriage) on the majority who seem to have far less say than these left-wing minority groups.

We are probably, although the minority left-wing groups would tell you different, the most free and tolerant country in the world but we are being taken advantage of by these anti-establishment groups who are the least tolerant in our society and are not interested in any bodies view but their own!

The majority in this country are sick and tired of the various minority groups trying to impose themselves on the majority be it Atheists, minority Religious groups or just generally do-gooder’s and politically correct cranks trying to impose their view on life on the major majority.

This is a Christian country enshrined in law and if people don’t like that they should abide by the majority and not try to impose their views on the rest of society, gays can legally have a Civil Partnership which is their form of a marriage but the actual marriage ceremony is for the marriage of a man or women.

These groups are venomously trying to e force themselves on everybody as if they have a right but heaven help anyone trying to encroach on their domains but we don’t, everyone has freedom in this country which is precious but these groups seem intent on forcing their views on everyone, they have no place in their thinking for tolerance!

So NO, marriage is for a man and a women, Carrie Underwood has come out in favor of marriage equality and said “As a married person myself, I don’t know what it’s like to be told I can’t marry somebody I love, and want to marry,” the “Jesus, Take the Wheel” singer – and devout Christian – told Britain’s The Independent newspaper but no one is telling anybody who they can and can’t love and likewise it is wrong for the gay community to impose their lifestyle on the majority by hijacking every institution.

No Carrie Underwood you have been taken in by the left-wing urge to socially engineer society, marriage is for a man and a woman, same-sex couples have their own civil partnerships, enshrined in law!

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Same Sex Marriage is just Social Engineering

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