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European Union – the politicians conspiracy to deceive!•Its just life!

European Union is the organisation we were conned, no sorry persuaded to join, at the time it was commonly called the Common Market and we were told it was mainly a ‘Free Trade Area’, do you remember, it was a vote which precipitated Enoch Powell’s resignation from the Conservative Party!

The European Union was though a political project all along with the with the end game of a ‘United States of Europe’ Superstate but that could never have been sold to the electorate so it has never really been admitted, particularly in the UK.

European Unions true nature was admitted in both Germany and France in the early days with comments from the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl that “without a Federal Europe there can be no Euro and without the Euro there can be no Federal Europe” but of course that was poo pooded in the UK, it was never really discussed or debated. 

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The true nature of the European Union and its vast intrusion into the government of our country has always been kept off the agenda by the usual eurofile clique of the Lib Dem’s, Ken Clark, Heseltine, Blair etc. because they saw the bigger picture of a greater European Union, a haven for politicians, the ability to hob-nob on the world stage but a European Union which was not representative of democracy but of power without accountability.

Do you realize that 65% of our laws already come from the European Union and you have no say in them at all, whether you are voting in our national general election or the European elections, your vote counts for nothing, in our national general election you are obviously voting for our national parliament and in the European elections you are voting using a Proportional Representation (PR) list system which is about as undemocratic as it gets, you don’t even know who you are voting for, who knows who their European Union MP is and has the European Union ever taken account of its electorate?

The European Union has, over the past ten years, shown itself to be a gravy train for weak politicians and bloated bureaucrats with a totally corrupt system which shows little or no regard for the views of the electorate and some of our leading politicians are in its pay, former MEP’s, Commissioners etc. have been threatened with losing their pensions if they dare say anything bad about the European Union and of course Blair, Brown and now Cameron are all ducking a referendum, they already know the result because the public will not put up with any more European Union, the consensus would be to leave.

Some of our politicians of course savour the idea of a European Union Super State, elected by an unfair and undemocratic PR voting system where power resides with the politicians and the bureaucrats without accountability, a system so politically correct and stifled by crazy Health and Safety Laws it is drowning in its own paperwork.

The electorate needs to be aware because these self-same politicians, knowing full well that they don’t have the support of the British people, will fudge the European Union issue whilst occasionally giving us a little nudge towards further integration, telling us that the new proposals are mere administration, the evidence is there for all to see with the constant suggestion of a referendum with no intention of following through.

These politicians know that if they hang on long enough there will be no-one alive who really remembers life outside the EU, they will by then have pushed the integration to a point where it is irreversible and the British people will have no choice but we do have a choice now and we have to act!

The European Union serves no purpose for the UK, we are told that if we leave the European Union our influence in the world will drop to that of a Greater Switzerland which is rubbish, if we stay in the European Union Great Britain’s world influence will drop to zero because we will just become a region of the European Union and one voice in 27+, on our own we can strut the world stage proudly and become a true global trader and leaving the European Union will save us in excess of £50billion.

But we need to act now, we have been given the negotiating tools and we must not allow Cameron & Co to waste this chance, we must at every opportunity let the government know where we, the electorate, stand on the European Union, if we don’t act now we will condemn our country to being a Greater Switzerland because that will be the sum of our position within the European Union!

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