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European Union, now the truth begins to dawn!

So, the truth dawns for the European union, it always was self evident that the only way the euro could survive is if the European Union entered into full monetary and political union, the fact that the Euro-Zone countries went ahead without this means they either didn’t know what they were doing or they just took an enormous gamble!

Whether Euro-Zone members of the European Union knew what they were doing or not, without political and monetary union it was such a gamble that it still threatens economies worldwide with disaster but it is now very seriously threatening democracy itself, if the current proposals within the Euro-Zone are signed up to democracy within those countries, apart from minor local decisions, will be dead!

And I say this because the governments will have little freedom from the German/Franco axis which effectively controls the European Union and the Merkozy partnership is looking around desperately for ways of paying for what was essentially their mistake, intentional or otherwise, take the Financial Transaction Tax which they are trying to introduce where well over 75% of the tax it will produce will come from the City of London financial markets, this is effectively making the UK pay for their mistake which we warned them about at the time, the Euro-Zone must pay for its own mistakes and it should be Germany digging into its coffers! Further reading

Returning to the subject of democracy, Jean-Claude Juncker Prime Minister of Luxembourg and president of the Euro Group once joked that “We all know what to do, but we don’t know how to get re-elected once we have done it” virtually admitting that the way forward they envisage has no public support and that is the problem with the European Union, it no longer takes account of public opinion, it has become totally isolated.

Ad this to the fact that although Jean-Claude Juncker said we don’t know how to get re-elected the voting systems in place around the European Union, which the Lib Dem’s want to introduce into the UK, are such that which ever way the public votes will actually make no difference to political bubble within Brussels!

The next few months will be interesting and David Cameron must ensure that the UK is not dragged into this, my worry is that Cameron still seems to be over influenced by the last person who spoke to him, very soon the real David Cameron has to stand up, only then will we know whether the UK is safe in his hands and obviously the road forward, interesting times.

This is a hot subject so let us have your views, take part in the debate, agree or disagree, comment below.

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