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European Union chit chat, don’t be DECEIVED, understand the motive!

European Union debate goes on, we have President Obama and the German’s saying that if the UK left the European Union we would lose influence which is total nonsense, continue reading to find out more

If someone can give, just one benefit the UK gets from being in the European Union because the benefits are few particularly when the downside is taken into account and all our benefits are paid for many times over – it is our money we are getting back!

So President Obama and the German’s think the UK will lose influence if they leave European Union which is nonsense, within the European Union the UK will lose all influence because it will be just a region within the European Union, just one of twenty-seven voting members, saying the UK would increase it’s influence in the world by being in the European Union is like saying Yorkshire has major world influence by being a region of the UK.  Further reading

It is countries that have influence and by leaving the European Union our clout around the world will increase many fold because we will become the place to invest, the place of enterprise and a world leader in innovation which has been so european unionstifled by the European Union, we will become once again a global trading nation able to negotiate our own trade agreements rather than having to go through the European Union beaurocracy and we can stride the world stage with pride. 

President Obama is right in one respect, we will lose influence within the European Union but that is obvious, you can’t leave an organisation and still maintain influence at the top table, our influence and relationship with the European Union will be a relationship between friendly countries, President Obama is really concerned about the UK ability to represent the views of the United States within the European Union (EU) and the Germans are just trying to frighten us but we are big boys and we are not Norway, Sweden or Switzerland, we are still one of the major economies of the world!

Then of course we have Nick Clegg, Clegg loves everything which is the European Union but hates our democracy, history, traditions and institutions, well Mr Clegg we in the UK value our democracy and are right to be extremely proud of our traditions, institutions and particularly our great history.

Then we come to the Labour Party, Ed Miliband is under Union instruction as the Unions dream about the sort of power the Unions have within the EU but we should remember, you only have to look at the very lavish, banker type, lifestyle of the Union bossed to realize that the Union bosses are interested in themselves first followed by themselves again, then the members, they are not interested in the country!

And, of course, we may as well finish off with Tony Blair and his one motive for supporting the EU is because he wants to be President, can’t think of a better reason for leaving and the UK will be just fine, that is what they are all worried about!  

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