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European Union muddle headed thinking by our Politicians!

Read an article about the European Union tonight from the Financial Times, full copy below under Further reading, it was titled ‘Johnson warns against ‘in-out’ EU vote’ it is difficult to determine whether the politicians quoted in the article are totally naive, too frightened to admit the truth or just simply leading the public on which can only be for self-interest, whichever it is a worry!

The politicians quoted in the article about the European Union are either totally naive, too frightened to admit the truth or just simply leading the public on…!

Lets look at this article about our membership of the European Union and the various quotes starting with

David Cameron
As I stated in a previous post, no one really knows what David Cameron is thinking, not sure Cameron really follow’s the thread of his own thoughts and the apparent lack of belief and principle is worrying, David Cameron politicsstands a very good chance of throwing away the 2015 general election over the European Union by disregarding both the views of the electorate and the majority of his own party.

We must ask ourselves, is William Hague just supporting his Prime Minister  over the EU in which case, at some point he needs to be brave or is he just treating the electorate with contempt?

Twice now he has accused UKIP supporters of being racist, the first time Cameron said that not all but most UKIP supporters were closet racists and the other day he said that some UKIP supporters may be racist, Mr Cameron, a lesson in life, there people in the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Lib Dem’s, UKIP who have racist tendencies, there will always be people in life that have racist tendencies but your attack on UKIP as a party is an insult to the Conservative supporters who feel the Conservative Party no longer represents their views and an insult to everyone who votes UKIP.

David Cameron just does not understand the strength of feeling in the country about the European Union, the strength of feeling within his own party and the damage European Union membership is doing to this country, neither has Cameron grasped that currently the UKIP policies exactly match the aspirations of the majority of Conservative voters and the majority of his parliamentary party!

William Hague
Mr Hague said an attempt to seek “fresh consent” from voters should wait until the conclusion of the Euro-Zone crisis and the end of the UK’s renegotiation of its relationship with the European Union but that could stretch way past the next general election and all it does is kick the European Union question into the long grass and 2 things could happen either there will be no one alive who really remembers life outside the European Union or we will get a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem coalition and either would toss our identity into the melting pot of the European Union (EU)!

We must ask ourselves, is William Hague just supporting his Prime Minister  over the EU in which case, at some point he needs to be brave or is he just treating the electorate with contempt, Hague has said he wants to be in Europe but not run by Europe but that is the total opposite to the other EU members who want to fully integrate both politically and fiscally and he still demands the same influence, it is either naivety or contempt!

Politicians quoted in the article are totally naive, too frightened to admit the truth or just simply leading the public on which, in some cases, can only be for self-interest!

David Miliband
David Miliband you will remember was Foreign Secretary during the last Labour government, he say’s  there is a sense of betrayal and “anger” on the continent over what he describes as the UK’s increasing distance from the rest of Europe. What strange thing to say, yes we have distanced ourselves from the rest of Europe because, although David Miliband does, the majority of the country does not want to fully integrate into a full Federal United States of Europe, the voters of this country nearly voted the Conservative Party into power partly because of its mantra, no matter how naive, of wanting to be in Europe but not run by Europe.

If we are not going to fully integrate it is inevitable we would be marginalised at times and then Miliband said on the Mar Show that there would be “big consequences” were Britain to withdraw from Europe, insisting that no leading power in the 21st century would be “divorced from its neighbours”. What a load of rubbish, clutching at straws to defend the indefensible, if we leave the European Union we will still have a free trade agreement as we are their biggest market, they can’t afford to lose us and we would enjoy the same friendship and cooperation normally enjoyed between countries.

What we must remember is that Labour and the Left-wing stand for Unions and Union power, high spending, high taxes, the politics of greed and envy, massive regulation and bureaucracy with a cossetted centre which is exactly what the European Union  stands for, what they don’t stand for is democracy!

Tony Blair
Tony Blair, there is only one Tony Blair which is something we can be thankful for, Blair is to warn that disengagement would be disastrous for the British economy and he will apparently argue that Brussels needs to promote a “grand plan” about its purpose!

Well we all know the British economy would flourish outside the EU, we would not only retain our EU markets but would also gain direct access to the rest of the world and be able to re-engage with the Commonwealth who are, after all, our historic trading partners and a bigger market than th EU!

Politician of PrincipleBut we all know Tony Blair and understand he is really at a job interview, the job he covets, President of Europe, the rub is though that the job only exists for Tony Blair if we are full members of the European Union, no membership he can’t apply and that would be a prize in itself!

David Davis
David Davis is the old type of politician with principles, beliefs and a direction, he is to say that he has sensed a hardening of attitude in the government towards Brussels, I really do hope so because for all the rhetoric Britain is being sucked and pushed into the European vacuum, it must not be allowed to happen so be thankful for politicians like David Davis.

So our ruling classes are desperate for us to maintain our European Union membership but, particularly in the case of the Conservative Party, in opposition to their own parties so how do we bring clarity to the various positions.

If we take Cameron/Hague Conservative view as at the 2010 general election, “we want to be part of Europe not governed by Europe”, it is meaningless unless the rest of the European Union dismantle the Euro-Zone and everything else to create just a single market but that can’t happen and the rest of the European Union does not want it to happen. The Euro is too big to fail, failure would damage the whole world economy but it can only survive if the European Union becomes a full federal Europe, both politically and fiscally to provide a proper structure to support a currency and yes that means one government, one chancellor of the exchequer and one president.

If Cameron and Hague think that they can just opt out of things they don’t like and return a major proportion of powers to the UK and still maintain influence at the top table together with a veto over the single market they are being naive in the extreme, they give the impression they can withdraw from the EU apart from the single market and still be considered a full member of the European Union, it is not going to happen, we are either in or out but once out we can negotiate a trade agreement with the single market which in fact has always been on offer.

Then we have the Blair, Miliband axis complaining that we are being isolated, well it is obvious to anyone with a brain cell that as we negotiate ourselves out of the European Union we will move ever further away from the top table and then they say we will lose influence in the world! In fact if we integrate into a full federal United States of Europe we will lose all major influence in the world, we will be just a region of the European Union and world influence will by in the hands of the European Union, the UK will be just one of 27 with majority voting, on the subject of voting, that will be proportional representation which will mean your say at any election will be zero and our politicians will have zero accountability!

Outside the European Union we can be the true bastion of democracy, with the right taxation policies and business climate we can be the most attractive place in the world to invest, we can once again lead the world in banking, technology/computing, aerospace, medicine and car production etc. we will have direct access to world markets with special access to the Commonwealth which is the biggest and most exciting market, we can do it, we have a history and heritage to be proud of or we can disappear into the abis of the European Union.

It was the fault of David Cameron that the Conservatives did not get a majority at the 2010 general election and it will be Cameron’s fault if the Conservatives do not win a majority at the 2015 general election, for the first time in a long time the Conservative Party thinking mirrors the thinking of the British people, Cameron just needs to be brave, follow the right policies and show the vision the electorate crave but can he step up to the plate!

Some people will say “what if the European Union is a major success, won’t we want to get back in, won’t we be missing something” and the answer is no, our future growth and prosperity needs the European Union to be a big success, it will guaranty and cement our success but we want to govern ourselves and maintain our influence in the world and we will!

This is a big subject with many differing views and all views count so have your say and comment below, if you haven’t already done it you will need to register but that only takes seconds, it is important that you have your say!

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