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European Union – Senior Conservatives Demand a Referendum

Even before the current troubles within the European Union and the Euro-Zone public support for the EU was probably less than 40%, the latest poll shows 92% for withdrawal!

The European Union and the Euro-Zone are failing institutions but they are failing institutions we must support because a collapse of the European Union would be catastrophic for the world economy. let alone the UK economy.

Mark Pritchard, Secretary of the 1922 Committee

Withdrawal from the European Union would have real advantages for the UK with little downside provided the negotiations were handled skillfully

The European Union and the Euro-Zone have become so large that any serious failure will hit all economies world-wide, but that does not mean that the UK has to remain a member, the European Union is without question one of the most undemocratic and wasteful institutions in the world and its make up and controlling nature do not fit the UK, which is why a recent poll in the Daily Telegraph showed 92% in favour of withdrawal and a negotiated trade agreement. Further reading




This makes so much sense because we would

  1. Regain our fishing rights around the UK
  2. Regain control over our borders
  3. Lose interference from the EU on Human Rights
  4. Be able to make all our own laws for the UK, in the UK and we would be able to repeal all the silly laws which emanate from Brussels
  5. Save in excess of
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