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European Union – Eurosceptic MP’s show real Democracy in Action!

European Union and Ha ha, I see that Geoffrey Howe has risen again from his retirement to spread poison and try once again to split and destroy the Conservative Party, along with Patten, Heseltine, Clarke etc. he went pretty close last time and condemned the Conservative Party to its 13 years in opposition and suicidal in fighting.

European Union again and Geoffrey Howe’s  view on the European Union was irrelevant and he had nothing important to add when he made his resignation speech in 1990 and by this time in 2013 he really needs to stick to retirement!


european union
Geoffrey Howe, Lord Howe

The split in the Conservative Party over the European Union has and is real but it is nothing compared to the split in the Labour Party, the European Union divides opinion and stokes emotions but the actual split is small with pro European Union Conservatives almost entirely in the upper echelons of politics, 80+% of Conservative MP’s would class themselves as eurosceptics and they are in tune with the British people.

Most of the Conservative cabinet is eurosceptic with only Ken Clarke standing out as pro European and what we are seeing in Parliament now is the backbench Conservative MP’s holding the executive to account in the face of an undemocratic and corrupt European Union, and it is not before time, it could not have happened under Labour, real Democracy in Action!

Howe of course through up that old chestnut that Britain would lose its influence in the world gained through membership of the European Union but what influence, we are but one of twenty seven and as the European Union integrates further we will be but a County Council of the European Union, we will gain immensely in world influence by leaving the the European Union (EU) and developing the British economy into, once again, a world powerhouse of economic activity.

Howe also states that we will lose influence in America because they rely on Britain to represent then within the European Union but that is also nonsense, yes we do represent America in the EU but they are big enough and brash enough to represent themselves and the American preference for Britain to remain in the EU is 100% to do with giving America an easy life and nothing to do with what is best for Britain!

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