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European Union – UK’s Stated View is the opposite to Germany

The UK’s stated view on the European Union is totally opposite to the German view and David Cameron has to appreciate this, the Conservative Party view that we want to be in the European Union but not ruled by it is not the view of the rest of the European Union.

We have heard some sensible talk, not all but some, from Cameron this week, Cameron talked about the European Union becoming a network rather than a block, now this is very similar to the old Conservative mantra of wanting to be a part of the European Union but not ruled by it, I always thought this was a little pie in the sky because it is not the view of the rest of the European Union and in particular Angela Merkel!

David Cameron

David Cameron really does have to declare his colours by action not words because by word he is a strong Eurosceptic but in deed he follows the line of his coalition partners the Lib Dem’s which is completely out of sync with the public mood.

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According to his rhetoric David Cameron wants to draw the non Euro-Zone 10 back to a loose network of trading countries but still retain substantial influence over the European Union as a whole but there is no way Angela Merkel will allow the UK to be a constant drag on the development of the Euro-Zone and the whole European Union project. Cameron has to grasp that the whole European Union project has always been about fiscal and political union with the gradual disappearance of great nation states, they have already drawn the boundaries od the regions. on fact Labour tried to implement them!

There is no way Angela Merkel will allow the UK to be a constant drag on the development of the Euro-Zone and the whole European Union project

The UK will essentially have 3 choices 1) to carry on as we are being drawn ever closer towards integration but also losing influence because the Euro-Zone countries will take ever greater power, 2) to leave the European Union, negotiate a trading agreement as we would with any other countries and revisit our commonwealth partners or 3) Fully embrace the European Union by joining the Euro-Zone.

The European Union is like a juggernaut which is unstoppable by any forseeable means, it is totally undemocratic and does not even share the same values of the UK and the media paint this as a Conservative problem which will open up the old splits on the European Union but that is false. The old Eurofiles who bent democracy, destroyed our greatest peacetime Prime Minister and very nearly destroyed the Conservative Party, all for their own ego and vanity are long gone, this is a question of the people against the establishment, by the establish ment I mean the Labour and Lib Dem parties, a few Conservative politicians, the left-wing newspapers and the majority of the TV and Radio based media because they see the European Union as a gravy train of greed and power, by the people I mean 85% of the population which now thinks we should never have joined in the first place.

So for once David Cameron, be brave and govern this country in the name of the people but you will have to make that choice pretty soon and it is your chance to leave a lasting legacy to be proud of or is David Cameron just conning the people in which case we are in trouble!

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