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European Union, at last a genuine Political Heavyweight Speaks Out!

Lord Lawson, one of the few real political heavyweights has come out publicly to say the UK must leave the European Union putting further pressure on David Cameron and near panic within the Lib Dem’s and Labour, not to mention the left-wing press in the shape of the Independent, Times and Guardian.

European Union torture, at last the wheels have started turning and with the sensible reflection of the UK electorate we should be on our way out of the anti-democratic European Union.

Lord Lawson is obviously right and it is good to see someone of his standing and integrity supporting what ‘Its just life’ has been saying, in its various forms, since the early 1990’s and that is quite simply that the UK would be immeasurably better and more prosperous if we were to leave the European Union.

Lord Lawson, one of the few genuine political heavyweights

Obviously this has produced scorn from Nick Clegg but then he is a Europhile insider who believes we should be subservient to Brussels and of course the left-wing press, in particular the Independent, Times and Guardian.

Lord Lawson though is a convert, originally a Europhile who supported Britain’s membership, he tried to take us into the ERM and it was that argument with Margaret Thatcher that prompted his resignation from government and finally brought down Margaret Thatcher but he was our most successful chancellor and a trusted figure on economics so Lord Lawson coming to this conclusion is significant.

There is an interesting article in the Independent, the link is below, CLICK HERE if you want to read the full article, which makes the following points:

1 – That Lord Lawson’s remarks herald the return of the Tories obsession with the European Union!
Why does it signify that, the Tory Splits over the European Union were caused by a minority of Conservatives, Howe, Heseltine, Clark, Patten etc. who nearly destroyed the Conservative Party by trying to force the UK and the Conservative Party further and further into an un-democratic and unaccountable European Union (EU) but 80% of the Conservative Party have always been very suspicious of the European Union and scathing about the Euro, currently the majority of the Conservative Party correctly represents the overwhelming view of the British electorate.

It is not an obsession, accept for the left-wing press, Lib Dem’s and Labour, for the Conservative Party it is the view of over 70% of the British people and growing.

2 – Three million jobs in the UK are dependant on the European Union
Nick Clegg often makes this claim which is total rubbish and based on a report published years ago which has since been discredited by its authors, the fact is that when Britain joined the, as it was then, European Economic Community in 1973 Western Europe accounted for 38.5% of the world economy, today that figure is 24% and in 2020 it will be 15%!

Far from being part of large and prosperous market we find ourselves cramped in a declining customs union whilst the Commonwealth, our logical market is growing at 7.2% a year and the idea that we will lose all our trade with the European Union is bunkum because they definitely need us more than we need the European Union (EU) because the UK is Germanys biggest trading partner world wide, same applies to France and our trade balance is massively in deficit to the tune of £4.5billion so we will be able to negotiate a very good trade agreement in this one particular market, the European Union.

It should also be remembered that not encumbered by the EU Britain will be able, once again, to negotiate its own direct trade agreements world wide whereas at the moment we have to go through the EU.

The UK electorate should also note that the Euro-Zone is moving inexorably toward debt-pooling, tax harmonisation and a common finance ministry and we are being dragged along, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso recently made clear that the ‘intensified political union’ necessitated by the euro crisis would apply to ALL 27 members, including those outside the Euro-Zone, ‘this is about the economic and monetary union but for the EU as a whole’ he said.

So the aim of the European Union is openly to arrive at a full political and fiscal union, one country, one government, one finance ministry, a United States of Europe and the ability of the British voter to have any influence will be zero, in fact the influence of the British government will be little more, if not less than Yorkshire County Council has over the UK nationally!

The idea that the UK will lose influence worldwide if it leaves the European Union is rubbish, yes we will obviously lose influence within the European Union because we will be leaving the organisation but our worldwide influence can only increase, we will lose total influence worldwide if we stay in the EU because the influence will be via the EU where we are just one of twenty seven and regularly out voted. 

The momentum is gathering pace and for the sake of our country and our prosperity everyone of us has to jump aboard, we cannot allow ourselves to be dragged further into a failing entity, we didn’t fight two world wars to be governed from Brussels, real democracy is just too precious to Great Britain for it to remain within the EU and we could very easily end up one of the most prosperous countries in the world but that can only happen outside the European Union!


Michael Portillo backs Lord Lawson’s call for the UK to leave the European Union.

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