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EU – Media just have to Manufacture a split, even when their isn’t one!

EU debate and the media are making a big play around a supposed split in the Conservative Party over the EU and yes their is a split, as there is in every party including the Lib Dem’s but where the media have got it wrong is with the group of Conservative MPs they are describing as rebels.

EU Rebels, people being described as  rebels are normally in the minority and the rebels coursing trouble are the likes of Ken Clarke and the minority of pro EU Conservative MPs, the vast majority of Conservative MP’s are very Eurosceptic!

euThe splits in the Conservative Party over the EU are small with the vast majority of the party and its grass roots support being decidedly Eurosceptic and for once the Conservative Party can be seen to be representing the views of the British Electorate.

Quite opposed to the Labour Party where the split on the EU issue is serious but they just haven’t got the courage or are not articulate enough to properly bring it more to the surface and of course even the Lib  Dem’s have a few warning voices.

We now have Nigel Lawson, Phillip Hammond, Michael Portillo, David Davis and Norman Lamont actively pushing for the referendum and withdrawal, Michael Gove saying he would vote for withdrawal and Boris Johnson trying to play a right-wing David Cameron by stating that coming out of the EU would not solve our ills and of course it wouldn’t but it would make solving them a whole lot easier.

Of course Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander are  saying that leaving the EU would cost 3m jobs and stifle inward investment so let us look at that very point, jobs and inward investment are really tied because with major inward investment will come jobs as are most of the current jobs they are talking about tied to current inward investment. But that is just a scare story because outside the EU we will be able to make Britain THE most attractive place to invest in the world, with our infrastructure, technology and skill base we would become a magnet to outside investment.

Then they say we would lose our place within the single market but if we leave the EU its own charter states that it must negotiate a trade agreement with Britain and the fact that the UK is Germany’s biggest trading partner worldwide and the same is pretty much the same with France will give us a very strong hand, the EU has much more to lose than we do, we gain the rest of the world as a trading partner and more importantly we can reconnect with the Commonwealth in trading terms.

Remember that when we joined the EU it represented 33% of world trade, it is now 25% and is forecast to drop to 20%, the Commonwealth is growing a good 7% per annum and are all developing countries with many potential world powerhouses of growth.

The only fear the UK should hold about leaving the EU is the natural fear about change but the possibilities for the UK outside the EU should make everyone’s hairs stand on end!


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