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Delegation – 6 Steps towards Success, Developing Potential!

Delegation, everybody in the industry talks about delegating and unfortunately very few are good at it!

Delegation can immediately increase your effectiveness by following these ‘Steps to Successful Delegation’.  Delegation should be used selectively. First check that a particular task even needed to be done at all, then you need to determine who’d be the right person for the job, being selective about both the tasks and the personnel involved indicates wisdom and leadership (both good qualities) which are the first steps to effective delegation.

Phil Baker Editor and Political Commentator

Check in as often as necessary, but not too often. Nobody likes a micro manager and when you check in too often, you’re considered a micro-manager/control freak, on the other hand if you don’t check in often enough your project might fail and you won’t even know it.

Also if the frequency you check in and your scrutiny is too little the person you delegate may wonder: a) Whether you are interested in the project b) If they should “bother” you with questions c) If the project remains a priority or not.

Decide together with the person you delegate to just how often they need you to check. Remember that you will take responsibility even when you’ve delegated the task, this is a key principle that a poor Delegator does not understand, you have just brought someone else in to the team to help with the task and it’s your responsibility to ensure that the overall activity or project is completed on time, within budget and up to specifications.

Set milestone datum points to check the project is on schedule. It is important to set milestone datum points which will give both of you focus for when you check in, remember, if the target is not obvious and monitored during the project you will not hit the target, believe me!

Delegated gradually, avoid delegating too much too fast. Delegate small portions so that the person you’re delegating to can determine the best way to complete the task, it allows you both to gain some confidence and some successes which only leads to more confidence and success.

Delegate, don’t abdicate. Delegation is NOT dumping duties or functions to others, delegation is a transaction, you ask and the other person knowingly and deliberately accepts, this is actually far more complex than that, however. consistent skilled delegation is achieved through practice, experience, growth, structure and coaching, take time to organise yourself for delegation because it will be time well spent, it will:

  1. Free up your time
  2. Show your immediate reports that you have faith and trust in them
  3. Give you an excellent opportunity for coaching and mentoring your prodigies

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