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Cuts, cuts and more cuts

David Cameron

The ‘Its just life!’ team have told David Cameron time and again to get to grips with the cuts but not only is he not doing that he is taking the same attitude as the Health Service and Local Councils towards cuts, Cameron must return to real politics, take the right attitude to cuts so they do become his true politics home.

Instead of using that old fiend ‘Common Sense’ local councils are taking the cut in their budget from central government to mean they have to raise the shortfall from else where and only after they have exhausted that avenue should cuts come in and to this end some council are increasing charges by up to 200% in some cases, the Labour party employed or were complicit in employing 800,000 people rather than really sort out unemployment but most of the 800,000 were in none jobs, politically correct jobs which achieved nothing. So for the local councils there are 1,000’s of cutbacks to be made in jobs which should never have existed.

Getting back to real politics and the defence cuts, David Cameron must reverse these, we need the 2 aircraft carriers and in fact there are a million reasons to order a 3rd, we need the Harriers and the Arch Royal aircraft carrier but in the world of real politics David Cameron would ask, how do we pay for them, well that is simple

  1. Reverse the increase in overseas aid
  2. Our ration of civil servants to soldiers is 1 civil servant to every 2 soldiers, this is ridiculous and to judge us against other countries, France is 5:1 and Spain is 8:1. We currently have only 250,000 soldiers looked after by 125,000 civil servants, if we went for a ratio of 10:1 we would then have 250,000 soldiers looked after by 25,000 civil servants.

Well David, there is a political home for you with over

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