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Conservative Party Conference 2013, HOPE for the Future!

 Well, there we have it, Conservative Party Conference over and the end of the conference season so what have we learned, we started off with a extremely self serving conference from the Lib Dems, amateur dramatics by amateur players, then we had Ed Miliband’s ‘Return to the Past’ a recipe for failure and concluded by the Conservative Party Conference which was professional and thought provoking – commentators probably agree through gritted teeth!

LIB DEM = attacks on our democracy and the inevitable noddy, noddy land, LABOUR = failure, despair and the inevitable chase to reach the bottom, Ed is no champion of the individual but he is a threat to our democracy and future success, CONSERVATIVE = a Successful Booming Aspirational Country, a Safeguard for Democracy, Personal Freedom, Choice and Opportunity!


David Cameron
Prime Minister

It is amazing after the damage the Labour Party did to almost every part of our national fabric from the NHS to Taxation, the Constitution to politicising the supposedly neutral Police and Civil Service, Corrupt, Sleazy and Dirty, the real nasty party but they are still ahead in the polls and what is even more amazing and arrogant, they expect to be ahead in the polls!

It is almost as if the electorate are frightened and ashamed of success, as if they are only comfortable with failure, well, voting Labour should make the electorate feel comfortable because it will guarantee failure but this can’t be the case, we must vote for the future of this country and we can’t let it be left-wing Socialism.


Then, of course, is the sheer arrogance of Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem Party who has claimed every success as a Lib Dem success whilst frustrating and delaying essential policy behind the scenes, the Lib Dem’s are the party within the coalition which has broken the coalition agreement time and again and been one of the biggest brakes on our countries recovery.


Boris Johnson Mayor of London
Boris Johnson
Mayor of London

The Lib Dem’s have been very open in their wish to change our voting system to give the real power to the smaller parties who operate without any real political mandate to ensure permanent power for the Lib Dem’s whichever party wins the general election, real power without an electoral mandate or accountability!

What the Conservative party have offered is hope, despite Lib Dem trying to impose left-wing solutions George Osborne has stuck to his guns and delivered the fastest growing economy in the developed world, something which must be the ultimate nightmare for both Labour and the Lib Dem’s.

The Conservative Party are in the process of modernising virtually every institution to make them efficient, affordable and fit for the 21st century, a daunting job given the opposition from unions, left-wing press and of course the Lib Dem millstone, it will take probably 2 more parliaments but they are getting there.

I was watching Andrew Neil’s show late one night when he made the statement that politicians have been promising the promised land for decades but when is it going to arrive but Andrew the promised land has been with us many times, the country left behind by the Conservative Party at the 1997 general election was near to the promised land only to be destroyed by a Labour government, as it is every time.

Of course we had Michael Heseltine on the show trying to justify himself and lauding David Cameron for displaying his style of wet Conservative politics but Cameron displayed nothing of the sort, Heseltine was a relative lightweight in the Thatcher government and his miss guided views, particularly on the European Union, nearly destroyed the Conservative Party and this country so hopefully we can now consign Heseltine to total retirement because again he is as bad as the Lib Dem’s and has no interest in the views of the country at large but puts our very democracy at risk!

It will be very interesting how things unfold between now and the 2015 general election, it will be the longest election campaign in the history of British politics but it will also be the most important general election in our history and on the result hangs the very future and democracy of this great country.

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