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Coloured, yes, Alan Hansen apologises for his use of the word coloured!

Alan Hansen has been forced to apologise for his use of the word ‘coloured’ on Match of the Day but was an apology needed, to find the word ‘coloured’ offensive must require a chip on the shoulder the size of a Canadian Redwood!

So, do you find the word ‘coloured’ offensive and racist, racism in the UK is actually being powered by the very people who believe they are the victims, it sometimes appears as if their day would be dull without someone to accuse, we all agree that there is NO PLACE FOR RACISM IN OUR SOCIETY but there must be a place for COMMON SENSE but then some people find common sense uncomfortable!

Coloured was actually the correct word to use, football in this country does not just consist of Black and White players, we have Asian, Chinese and Japanese all with varying skin colourings, not to mention Russians, Canadians, Brazilians, Argentinians etc.

One particularly strong response came from Rohan Ricketts who told Alan Hansen that he was part of the racism problem, I am sorry Mr Ricketts but if you find the word coloured racist then you are not really equipped for life, take the weight of that chip off your shoulder and relax, you will feel so much better!

We live in a free country with free speech, or we did, we will soon have to have everything vetted before we speak, Alan Hansen is about as far removed from being racist as it is possible to be and so, in the main, is this country but I actually find Rohan Ricketts attack on Alan Hansen offensive and deserving of an apology, wonder if he will get one?

Have your say, agree or disagree, your view is important so please comment below.

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