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Climate Change, the Gravy Train No-One Dare Stop!

 Two of the gravy trains which support the political elite of the world are the European Union, which everyone involved in the inner workings are desperately trying to save and Climate Change which likewise supports thousand of people, some earning £millions based on an unproven science and fear. For an insight into the world of the climate change zealots and the real issues surrounding Climate Change / Global Warming read  An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming by Nigel Lawson, before you decide your position.

The people who do not support the Climate Change lobby are often painted as almost evil, right-wing Satanist individuals with no credibility but they are painted in that way because the supporters of Climate Change have few creditable arguments of their own and have been found to be very economical with the truth in proving their theories!


Nigel Lawson – one of the greatest Chancellor of the Exchequer’s

So let us start with the facts, no-one with a brain would deny Climate Change, it has been happening since the beginning of the earth, Climate Change is happening now and will continue to happen until the earth ceases to exist and there is nothing we can do about it, so are we contributing to Climate Change?  Further reading

The real debate is not whether or not Climate Change exists, because it does, the real debate is whether man makes a significant contribution to Climate Change and whether we can slow down Climate Change by stopping some of our activities.

There is no dispute that man has made mistakes, the destruction of the rain forests is one example and it is obviously correct that we must treat our environment with much more care going forward but have we created Climate Change, are we making it worse, the answer is no, mans contribution to climate change is minimal at best.

It is obvious that it is right to look for cleaner fuels, to protect what is left of the rain forests, to help the developing countries towards cleaner technologies, not because it will significantly alter the process of Climate Change but because it is common sense!

That does not mean, as our government is doing, we should commit the UK to a higher reduction in emissions than any other country in the world and spend £billions chasing inefficient energy such as wind farms, it is interesting that significant numbers of people who support the Climate Change lobby get a very nice income from these energy sources. The UK’s output of the world’s total emissions is nominally 2% which even if we could cut our emissions by 50% would only be a 1% contribution which would be swallowed up and lost within the outputs of the USA, China, Russia and India who refuse to put their economies at risk by substantially reducing emissions. 

The UK must continue its research into different and yes, cleaner sources of energy, it should be a world leader in these technologies but we should not bankrupt our economy, pile ever-increasing costs on to to our electorate in the pursuit of a utopia which, even if you supported the Climate Change lobby, will achieve nothing, worse still in times of austerity, we will need every penny we can find to survive the fall of the Euro-Zone.

We must remember the world has been without Ice-Caps longer than it has had them, in Roman times our climate was mediterranean, in the 1700’s the south of England was flooded, during the 19/20th Century Ice Fairs were held on the Thames as it froze over every year and on and on, you see Climate Change has always happened, will always happen and there is nothing we can do about it, we must learn to live with it and who really knows whether it will get hotter or colder.

On a final thought, we generally have an Ice-Age every 100,000 years and on that basis we are overdue so get out your overcoats!

A must read, read this then make up your mind

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