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Climate Change, Prince Charles and the Myths of Climate Change!

Climate Change, so now we have Prince Charles, of whom I am a great supporter, riding his own bandwagon on climate change and he is very genuine in his concerns and knowledgeable but the whole climate change debate is muddied by opportunist zealots who have made a career out of false information and unproven science.

What is missing from the climate change debate is really just common-sense, so let us debunk a few myths and hopefully derail a few of these bandwagons!

Rain Forests
Yes, there are lot of instances where man has destroyed our planets natural defences against climate and climate change, the destruction of the rain forests is a case in point and must be stopped/controlled but the climate change/global warming zealots go further calling the rain forests “the lungs of the planet” which comes from the notion that the rain forest is a carbon sink and removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits, making the air more oxygen-rich for human breathing as well as reducing greenhouse gas levels, and in theory reducing the potential for global warming.

climate change
Prince Charles
Prince of Wales

But the problem is that the rainforest isn’t a net carbon sink, at best it is carbon neutral, yes, the living trees & plants in a rainforest consume a lot of carbon dioxide breaking it down into carbon and oxygen, the carbon is then stored in its own tissue cellulose and other organic compounds.

However, when these trees die, they decompose and If they rot that carbon exempting quickly combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide.

Some small part of this carbon is stored in the soil but the soil is very thin there, so very, very little is stored in the ground, everything is stored in plant tissue and it’s all released when the plant dies and rots.

Over time the rainforest produces as much carbon dioxide as the consumer, that is why the rainforest doesn’t help the , so called, global warming “problem” at all, at best it is a neutral and natural degradation process and produces vast amounts of methane.

What the rain forest does do is help control the effects of climate change by helping to control the vast amount of rain which falls in the region and the damage man is causing is the cutting down of about 2000 trees in the rain forest every minute but the rain forests are not the “lungs of the planet”.



Global Warming
Whilst it makes immense sense to look for cleaner fuels and new cleaner sources of energy the world must not bankrupt economies and the people following pipedreams of unproven science, windmills just don’t work, are unsightly and dangerous for birds, the current green drive within government is costing every household well in excess of £300 a year and that is set to rise at a time when everyone, governments included are struggling!

And for what, to halt global warming but recently climate change/global warming zealots the BBC had to apologise because David Attenborough had said on one of is programs that the earth was getting warmer every year but the latest, undisputed, figures show that the world average temperatures have not changed for 20 years, in fact the world is not warming, the BBC confirmed!

Climate Change
Let us get one fact across by cutting CO2 emissions, building windmills, making electric cars and fitting solar panels etc. we are not we are not going to stop or slow climate change, we may make our environment a nicer place although electrics cars and windmills may have the reverse effect but we will not stop or slow climate change!

Climate change is with us, it always has been since the birth of our earth and will be until it kills our earth in about 4 billion years, if not before, to think that we can tame nature is a pipe dream as there is nothing more powerful but we can learn to cope with climate change by for instance protecting the rain forests which increase the earths ability to cope with our climate.

What we have got to do is stop feeling or making people feel guilty over climate change, it is no ones fault, it is just a fact and we have also got to stop taxing already struggling people to pay for projects, based on unproven science, which will have little or negative effect for our energy requirements.

Finally we must stop allowing naïve presenters and left-wing organisations like the BBC hijack climate change for their own political and financial ends, it is one of the big subjects of our time and we need to address it with vigour but also with common-sense, climate change is a fact, has always been with us and always will be with us, to think we can control it in any big way is either in dream land or it is a con and many people have earned £millions by jumping on the climate change bandwagon!

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